Steam Game Discounts: All Sale Events 2023/2024

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Recently, during the Steam Summer Sale, there were numerous exclusive discounts. Now you must be wondering when the next events will take place to save money.

  Steam Sale  

Key Facts

  • The Steam Summer Sale 2023 offered numerous deals.
  • Several times a month, there are discount events for specific genres.
  • Four times a year, significant discount events take place, giving you the opportunity to save a lot of money.

Steam Summer Sale 2023


During the Steam Summer Sale 2023, you could acquire popular games like Elden Ring, The Witcher 3, and Hades at affordable prices. Not only are Steam’s own prices reduced during the Steam Sales, but also the prices for game keys.

Below, you’ll find information on the upcoming Steam Sales for this year and the next, so you don’t miss out on any offers.

  Steam Sale  

Upcoming Events


At Steam, there are constantly smaller events featuring games from specific genres at discounted prices. Currently, the Stealth Fest is running from July 24th to July 31st. The Stealth Fest includes games focused on stealth, such as Hello Neighbor 2, as well as games containing stealth elements, like Stray or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Other events in 2023 include the Visual Novel Fest, taking place from August 7th to August 14th, offering many Visual Novels at reduced prices.

The Strategy Fest allows you to enjoy games like Age of Empires and more at a discounted price from August 28th to September 4th.

For Shoot ’em up fans, there’s the SHMUP Festival, starting on September 25th and running until October 2nd.

In October, the Steam Game Preview arrives, featuring many free demos from October 9th to October 16th, giving you the chance to try out completely new games. Additionally, many developers will host live streams during this time to showcase their new games.

During Halloween, the Steam Scream Festival takes place from October 26th to November 2nd, offering many horror games at cheaper prices.

More events are yet to be announced, but there will always be smaller events where you can grab discounts on specific genres.

  Steam Sale  

Major Steam Discount Events


The minor festivals occur around 1-2 times per month, while the major Steam sale events happen only 4 times a year: in autumn, winter, spring, and summer. During these periods, many games on Steam are discounted, and hardware like the Steam Deck or Valve Index is often available at reduced prices.

The next major event for grabbing the best deals is the Autumn Sale, starting on November 21st and running until November 28th.

Following that is the Winter Sale, beginning just before Christmas on December 21st and running for 2 weeks until January 4th in the new year 2024. It’s a perfect opportunity to get affordable games as gifts for your friends.

The exact date for the Spring Sale 2024 is yet to be announced, but it’s likely to take place in March, just like this year.

As for the Summer Sale, it doesn’t have a precise date yet, but it’s expected to be held between June and July, as this sale, like the Winter Sale, also lasts for 2 weeks.


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