Sony Will Abandon PlayStation 4 in 2025

3 June 2022 at 19:09 in Gaming News with no comments

Sony will finally bid farewell to the PlayStation 4 in 2025 as they look to focus on the PS5.

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The PS4 has been very lucrative for Sony since its release in 2013, with the company launching PS4 Slim and Pro editions to keep up with growing demand.

  is Sony abandoning the PS4?  

But now, it seems the PlayStation 4 may be coming to an end as Sony looks to phase out first-party games for the console in the next few years.

In the latest investor presentation, Sony revealed its plans for first-party games over the next few years through 2025.

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The graphs show that in 2022 there are plenty of planned cross-gen first-party releases for PS4 and PS5.

However, in 2025, there are no planned first-party game releases for the PS4 as Sony looks to expand on PS5, mobile, and PC video games.

In fact, the graph shows that Sony plans to release 50% of their first-party games in the 2025 fiscal year on PS5 and 50% on PC and mobile.

  best games on PS5?  

Of course, Sony’s plans could change if they don’t fix the ongoing PS5 chip shortage that prevents many from getting their hands on Sony’s next-gen console.

Although, Sony has promised that PS5 stock shortages are their “top priority.”

If you want to keep hold of your PS4 for a few more years, don’t worry, as there will likely still be third-party games for a few years yet.




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