Rocket League Rumble Game Mode Comes with Silly Power-ups

8 August 2016 at 21:22 in Gaming News with no comments



Rocket League Rumble will come as a free update in September

Rocket League is rocking it with its game modes! Coming this September is another exciting game mode called Rocket League Rumble. Rumble adds an epic battle-royale style matches complete with power-ups. And speaking of which, these 11 power-ups are randomized, and you’d laugh your socks off at how silly some of these are!

Rocket League

Rocket League Rumble Power-ups

  • The Boot – Kicks opponent’s car
  • Disruptor – Forces opponent to drive uncontrollably
  • Freezer – Freezes the ball in-place
  • Grappling Hook – Pulls you towards the ball
  • Haymaker – Punches the ball
  • Magnetizer – Attracts the ball to your car
  • Plunger – Grabs the ball via plunger and cord
  • Power Hitter – Allows you to hit everything harder
  • Spike – Attach the ball to your car when you bump into it
  • Swapper – Change positions on the field with your opponent
  • Tornado – Sweep up the ball and opposing cars into a giant funnel cloud
Here’s a sneak peek at some of these power-ups:

Looks like Rocket League has got its fun meter up to a higher level with this upcoming update! Which of these power-ups will easily become your favorite? Leave us a comment below!



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