Rainbow Six Siege Getting Two New Operators for Outbreak Event

By JD on February 17, 2018 Gaming News with No Comments
Rainbow Six Siege

Finka and Lion are joining the Rainbow Six Siege roster in line with the upcoming coop event, Outbreak. Ubisoft has earlier revealed the five alien enemies players will be battling in New Mexico, but its time to put the spotlight on the new operators joining in for the big showdown.

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Finka gets her codename, which means “knife” from the long scar across her face that was inflicted during a training accident with Kapkan. Her real name is Dr Lera Melnikova and she is a Spetznaz CBRn specialist. She weilds a Spear .308, SASG-12 and 6P41, while keeping the PPM pistor and GSH-18 as secondaries. She’ll also have breach charges and stun grenades in tow, and can inject allies with a nanobot-laced serum that grants a temporary health boost when activated. She’ll have speed and armor ratings of “medium”.

Olivier ‘Lion’ Flament was Finka’s first recruit to help set up the Rainbow Six CBRN unit. Lion is a member of France’s GIGN, designated as a combat rescuer and biohazard expert. His weapons of choice are the V308, the 417 Marksman Rifle and the SG-QCB. His secondaries comprise of the P9 pistol and the LFP586. He’ll have a supply of claymore and stun grenades to bring to battle, plus an EE-One-D drone that let’s him detect movement within zones to survey and maintain quarantines. He’ll also have speed and armor ratings of “medium.

Outbreak is a limited-time coop event that’s part of the Year 3 Season 1 content for Rainbow Six Siege dubbed Operation Chimera. It will feature three maps, a restricted roster of playable operators, and five alien enemy types.

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