PS4/PS5 Games like Baldur’s Gate 3

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PS4/PS5 Games like Baldur's Gate 3

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1. The Lords of the Fallen


Lords of the Fallen stands as an action RPG immersed in a gloomy fantasy realm. Gamers assume the identity of Harkyn, a condemned offender granted an opportunity at redemption through a battle against the corrupted Lords of the Fallen, formidable warriors ensnared by malevolent influences. This game boasts a demanding combat mechanism that values meticulous strategy and precise actions. Players have the freedom to select from an array of weaponry and skills to conquer their adversaries, all while maintaining a vigilant watch over their stamina and well-being.


2. Demeo


Demeo offers a cooperative adventure gaming experience designed for groups of up to four participants. This virtual tabletop dungeon-crawling adventure beautifully captures the essence of gathering around a table with friends for a tabletop RPG session. players have the option to select from an array of heroic classes like the Hunter, Wizard, and more. Each class boasts its own distinctive abilities and gameplay style. Cooperation becomes key as players unite to vanquish the malevolent forces at play. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of areas, from lush forests to treacherous dungeons and mysterious caves.


3. Forspoken


Forspoken is an action RPG crafted by Luminous Productions. The game unfolds within the enchanting yet unforgiving realm of Athia, chronicling the odyssey of Frey Holland, a young resident of New York unexpectedly transported to this enigmatic domain. Frey, armed with newfound magical prowess, must navigate Athia’s challenges and unravel the mysteries of her extraordinary journey. The game introduces a high-octane combat system fusing magic and parkour while inviting players to explore a vast and diverse world.


4. Star Ocean the Divine Force


Star Ocean: The Divine Force stands as an action RPG created by tri-Ace, showcasing a 3D open-world environment and an intricate combat system blending real-time action with strategic turn-based elements. Gamers have the option to select from a diverse cast of characters, each possessing their own distinctive skill sets. The narrative revolves around Raymond Lawrence, a spaceship captain, and Laeticia Aspera, a princess hailing from a neighboring celestial body, as they join forces to protect the galaxy from an ancient malevolent force.


5. Final Fantasy 16


Marking the sixteenth primary installment within the Final Fantasy series, this game unfolds in the realm of Valisthea, a land graced by the presence of Mothercrystals, renowned as the wellspring of all magic. The narrative shadows the journey of Clive Rosfield, the second offspring of the Rosaria Archduke, on his quest for retribution following the demise of his father and brother. It showcases an active combat system in real-time, permitting players to string together combos and employ various abilities. Moreover, players have the ability to summon Eikons, formidable entities capable of shifting the tide of battle in their favor.


6. The Ascent Cyber Heist


The Ascent emerges as a cyberpunk ARPG crafted by Neon Giant, unfolding within Veles, a towering metropolis dominated by corporate overlords. Players assume the identity of an Ascent, an industrious laborer battling for survival in this unforgiving realm. The game offers a top-down viewpoint and employs a combat system reminiscent of twin-stick shooters.


7. Valkyrie Elysium


Valkyrie Elysium stands as an action RPG created by Soleil, immersing players in a Norse mythology-inspired realm teetering on the edge of annihilation. Gamers assume the persona of a Valkyrie entrusted with the task of defending humanity from impending doom. The game boasts a dynamic combat system marked by swift melee strikes and the mastery of elemental magic.


8. The Diofield Chronicle


The Diofield Chronicle is an exquisite tactical RPG showcasing captivating diorama-style graphics, crafted by Lancarse. It unfolds within a fantastical realm perpetually gripped by conflict, where gamers step into the shoes of the Blue Foxes, a mercenary company. The game introduces a real-time tactical combat system, enabling players to issue real-time commands to their units during battles.


9. Haven


Haven is a 2D side-scrolling narrative adventure meticulously crafted by The Game Bakers. This game unfolds its tale within the confines of a spacecraft, where the two protagonists, Yu and Kay, endeavor to break free from their individual histories. It embraces a 2D side-scrolling viewpoint and places a strong emphasis on immersive exploration and storytelling.


10. Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 stands as an expansive open-world action-adventure RPG crafted and released by CD Projekt Red. It unfolds within the sprawling urban landscape of Night City, a metropolis consumed by the pursuit of power, glamour, and relentless body enhancements. Players step into the shoes of V, a versatile mercenary who enjoys the freedom to customize their character’s appearance, skills, and talents. The game offers a diverse array of weaponry and gadgets, allowing players to approach missions using a variety of tactics, be it through stealthy maneuvers or direct combat.


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