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Palia is a cozy life simulation game with some elements of adventure and mystery, playable (MMO). It is set a vibrant and mysterious fantasy world where you play as a play as a human who has returned to a world where your kind disappeared thousands of years ago.

You can live a chill life of farming, fishing, crafting, and cooking. There’s also decorating your house and befriending the quirky villagers who live in the world. On top of that, there’s a whole mystery to uncover about what happened to humans.

Palia has been on Open Beta since last year. It was initially released for Nintendo Switch on December 14, 2023 and has now been released on PC via Steam as well.

Palia Release on Steam

Alongside the game’s spring-theme content update, Palia is now out on Steam! And because of the community’s support to wishlist the game which ended up with 400K wishlist, Singularity 6 made good on their promise, and more!

Instead of 4x-sized Frobert, they went ahead and gave out the full 5x frog. And to top it off, they won’t just be giving this freebie to those who wishlisted the game but to all gamers of Palia.

To claim this, you just need to login and you’ll automatically receive the in-game Frogert plush. Some gamers have not received it yet but be patient, it can take a day or two for it to arrive.

As per Reddit, there’s also a mini version you can claim on top of the giant one in Kilima Village. It is a bit hard to get though apparently, as many gamers find it impossible to get up there.

Palia will remain a free to play game. It is uncertain until when the game will remain on Open Beta status and if the full game will be a pay to play one afterwards. For now, you can download it on Steam and start enjoying this charming life sim for free!

Palia Patch 0.178

The content update which was released on March 25, 2024 too, includes bug fixes, new features, and new quests. The highly anticipated one is the Temple of the Roots where you will unearth new quests and get rewards like the Galdur Seed Maker hidden in the foliage.

There’s also the Blossoming Flora where you will collect and cultivate seeds from wild trees, and flower seeds dropped by insects as loot. The latter was said to contain a mix of hydrangeas, roses, and tulips.

You can also expect new spring decor, adjustable controller bindings, and a new feature, Tie the Knot, where you can try-on and purchase wedding outfits directly from the Wardrobe.


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