Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Fest Event Now Live, Devil May Cry Crossover Revealed

6 April 2018 at 17:37 in Gaming News with 1 comment
Monster Hunter World

Capcom has launched the Spring Blossom Fest Event for monster Hunter World. Several trailers were also released giving fans a preview of what to expect during the event. Dedicated trailers were also released for the cosmetic DLCs launching in celebration of the event.

Monster Hunter World PS4
Monster Hunter World Xbox One


Spring Blossom Fest will be bringing new gear, quests and other in-game goodies. However, the event requires players to be online to see the various eye candy and access some of the event-specific content. Almost all expired limited-time event quests are also making a comeback, including the Street Fighter 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn crossovers.

Players with hunter rank 50 and above will be prompted to hunt Deviljho in the Ancient Forest in a new 9-star quest. The game’s latest crossover event, this time with Megaman, will also become available as a 7-star event for players with a hunter rank of at least 13.

You can view all of the other trailers below:

This last video contains more DLC for the event, plus it also reveals when the Devil May Cry crossover event will be starting.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for Xbox One and PS4, with a planned release for PC some time later this year. The Spring Blossom Fest event runs until 20 April.


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