Lost Judgment – Which Edition to Choose

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Lost Judgment is a Yakuza spin-off published by SEGA releasing on September 24, 2021. It comes in three editions and you can read about them and their contents below.

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Lost Judgment releases for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S, and is available in a Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition.




Pre-Order Bonuses

If you pre-order any of the three Lost Judgment editions, you will gain the following exclusive rewards:

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Quick Start Support Pack – Additional in-game items to get your adventure and investigation started.

The pack comes with:

  • Wayfarer’s Lucky Cat
  • Staminan Spark Health Items
  • x3 Extract recipes


Standard Edition

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Base Game



The Lost Judgment Deluxe Edition gives you the base game and the following bonus items:

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  • 3 Days Early Access (Play from 21/09/2021)
  • Detective Essentials Pack – The Detective Essentials Pack adds additional in-game lifestyle and detective items to Yagami’s inventory. The pack contains:
    • x3 Detective Dog skins
    • Skateboard and Skate Park
    • Sky Spider Drone
    • x4 Sega Master System games
    • Additional Girlfriends
    • Super Shin Amon.
  • School Stories Expansion Pack (October 26, 2021) – The Lost Judgment School Stories Expansion Pack grants you deeper interactions with the various school clubs and adds extra items for each club activity.

The Pack includes:

    • New Motorcycle, Parts, and Race Course
    • New Robot
    • New Dance Club Outfit and Moves
    • New Boxing Combat Style
    • Kaito, Sugiura, and Higashi Spar Partners


Purchasing the Lost Judgment Ultimate Edition will get you the following additional in-game items:

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Story Expansion Pack – The Kaito Files (Spring 2022) – The Story Expansion Pack adds an extra story to your game, which follows Kaito as the protagonist and takes place in Kamurocho and Ijincho.


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