Life is Strange Before the Storm Story is Only Three Episodes Long – Dev

8 August 2017 at 16:02 in Gaming News with 1 comment

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Developer Deck Nine Games sat down in an interview with Gamespot, and more details on the Life is Strange Before the Storm story have been revealed. One of the details revealed is the length of the game’s story. According to Deck Nine, the game will be a total of three episodes long only (around six to nine hours), a couple of episodes shorter than the previous game which was five episodes long.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm

“When we were first talking to Square about what we would do with the IP and what kind of a story we would tell in Arcadia Bay, we weren’t looking at a particular length over another. We were contemplating stories of all shapes and sizes. What really it came down to is: the story we found that, for Chloe in this chapter of her life, it genuinely felt like about a three-episode story. As opposed to taking what we were all really in love with and excited by and trying to try change it to fit a larger model, making it a three-episode story seemed like it. Ultimately, that’s what we decided to do,” Lead Writer Zak Garriss said.

In other news, Deck Nine said that players who have not played, nor have finished the first game, will be able to play Before the Storm without any spoilers. According to them, it really does not matter which one of the two games you play first.

“No matter which title you come to first, you can play through it, enjoy it, and then go play the other title. Nothing in our game will spoil anything from the original game,” Producer David Hein said.

Life is Strange Before the Storm will be available starting 31 August 2017 on PC via Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


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