Watch Life is Strange Before the Storm Announcement Trailer

18 July 2017 at 23:06 in Gaming News with no comments

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A Life is Strange Before the Storm announcement trailer has been released by Deck Nine Games. This time the game introduces Chloe Price and Rachel Amber.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm

The game is actually a prequel to Life is Strange where Chloe is just sixteen years old. Chris Floyd, the co-game director said that “the center of the entire story is about friendship”. Also, Before the Storm doesn’t have the ‘time travel’ feature that was seen in Life is Strange. “ We don’t have time travel. We didn’t think that was appropriate to this story or this character,” says Chris.

Chris further adds that “Chloe is a wrecking ball, just bashes through the things that are in front of her and creates consequences and damage as she goes and she can’t take that back. That was really important to us, for telling Chloe’s story and making now those consequences…”

Chloe will have the ‘Backtalk’ feature where she will have to decide on whether saying certain things that could lead to certain consequences. “You really are gonna feel them, those choices, you really are gonna agonize over them. That’s the difference, I think, that is very powerful,” says Chris.

Get to watch the Life is Strange Before the Storm announcement trailer below:

Also, you can hear what the developers have to say about the game in the 5-minute video below:

Life is Strange Before the Storm’s first episode is launching on 31 August 2017 available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.