Is it safe to buy on Allkeyshop’s featured sellers?

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Updated December 10, 2019

Allkeyshop provides the best online sellers the internet has to offer, for users to check all the best prices to buy games at the cheapest price possible. Our goal is to feature legit and trustworthy online stores that you can buy your games (PC,PS4,Xbox etc.) To be able to check the best shops to buy a specific game with the best and cheapest price, here are some of the things you can do.

1. Choose any game that you want to buy on Allkeyshop’s homepage. You can use the search bar or check the top 25 games that are featured on the site.

2. For example, you have chosen to buy the game Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can see all the stores that sell the game and choose the store where you want to purchase.

All of our featured stores are carefully filtered and checked if they are able to provide customer satisfaction at the highest level. With this, we also created a store review page for customers to write their feedback regarding their experience in using the store. The store review page can be accessed here 

CD Key Stores Reviews, Coupons, Informations

It is important to review all Stores to improve quality and customer service of each store.

Everyone is welcome to write a complete review of your experience with a store. All stores are also regularly tested by our team anonymously, but with community reviews, we can learn a lot more about a store. This is why we created these game Store reviews pages for everyone to openly discuss and rate a store. The whole community of gamers can then decide where to buy. And we can take the decision to remove a store based on community reviews and bad ratings.

We also test stores that are not in our price comparison engine. For the sole purpose of bringing together information and reviews about all stores in the world and allow users to check the safety of any specific store before buying on it. We do this in the hope that users can be alerted if a store we haven’t yet authorized in our system can be trusted or not.

We have established two categories of reviews of stores:

The criteria that we have established to be recognized as a recommended vendor were taken into account by those merchants who are committed to respect them. With these criteria, the seller enjoys a position on our recommended sellers, a logo (Allkeyshop Certified) that tells our users that the seller enjoys a good reputation with our services but also our user community.

These stores do not meet our criteria to join the list of trusted stores. We regularly test stores to see the progress they make to become a trusted store. Our criteria reflect the product delivery, product availability, customer support answers quality, customer support answers delay, company information, number of employees and finally a store must be an experienced seller with many orders processed already.

New stores cannot be trusted in the beginning, this is why we created all the criteria, to protect us, the gamers.

We invite every user who bought a game on any store to review his purchase and to rate the store on these pages, to help other gamers in the world to make the right decision.

With this, we are confident that all of our featured sites on Allkeyshop are trustworthy and legit, they have the capacity to fulfill and deliver the product that their customers purchased. Providing a fast and convenient process for purchasing game keys.

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