Introducing: Overwatch’s Newest Hero Sombra

8 November 2016 at 03:09 in Gaming News with no comments


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After months of teasing fans with one hint after another, Blizzard has finally officially revealed the latest character to be added in Overwatch – Sombra. The much-awaited reveal was done during BlizzCon 2016 held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from 4 November to 5 November.

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Sombra is an offense hero who’s a master in hacking and stealth. She can hack her enemies to disrupt them, or use her EMP to take on multiple enemies at the same time. She can also translocate and use camouflage to give her enemies a hard time to pin her down. She uses a fully-automatic machine pistol that fires in short-range.

Sombra’s Abilities:

sombra-machine-pistolMachine Pistol A fully-automatic machine pistol that fires short-range spreads
sombra-hackHack Sombra can hack enemies to make them temporarily unable to use their abilities. She can also hack first aid kits to render them useless to her enemies
sombra-thermoptic-camoThermoptic Camo For a short period of time, Sombra can use her Thermoptic Camo to make herself invisible, which then boosts her speed. Her camouflage is disabled if she attacks, uses her offensive abilities, or takes in damage.
sombbra-translocatorTranslocator Sombra can toss out a Translocator Beacon and use it to instantly return to where the beacon is placed while it’s active.
sombra-empEMP Sombra’s EMP discharges electromagnetic energy that covers a wide radius. It is used to destroy enemy barriers and shields. All opponents caught in the EMP blast will also be hacked.
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