[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Games You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

8 February 2016 at 12:54 in Gaming News with no comments

Firewatch, Dying Light The Following, and Unravel are this week’s hottest game releases!

If you’re looking for a fresh new start for the week, we’ve definitely got you covered! This week of the Lunar New Year brings three new games that will surely be a great addition to your growing games library.


Release date: 9 February Available on: PC (Steam)

Armed with only a handheld radio, and only with the company of someone on the other end of it, you will play as a fire lookout in a wilderness full of strange mysteries.



Dying Light The Following (DLC)

Release date: 9 February Available on: PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One

The first expansion to the zombie survival game, Dying Light, comes with hours of gameplay, a huge new map, new vehicles, and a new story.

*Requires the base game Dying Light in order to access content




Release date: 9 February Available on: PC (Origin), PS4, Xbox One Join Yarny as he goes on an adventure as he solves physics-based puzzles along the way using his strand of yarn, and at the same time unlocking a story of reuniting a family’s long-lost loved ones.