Human Faction Introduced In New SpellForce 3 Trailer

18 November 2017 at 06:52 in Gaming News with no comments

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A new SpellForce 3 trailer has been released by THQ Nordic and Gilmore Games. It is a quick video that highlights the human faction of the game. You will hear what they have endured as well as some of the weapons and attacks that they are capable of at gameplay.

SpellForce 3

The video starts of with the aerial view of their faction with its beautiful towns and strongholds. The narrator talks about the faction’s imperfections but that does not mean that they are weak. On the contrary, the trials that they were able to face has made them strong. “Like a seasoned warrior, our country has learned from every conflict, every battle, every war. They have taught us what it means to bleed, and we will defend this country with our dying breath.” You can check out the whole video below:

SpellForce 3 is set before the events of SpellForce: The Order of Down. It will have a full-on campaign mode that is about 30 hours to complete. It will also have a Player Versus Player mode that will have you going against up to five players. In this mode, you must build up your armies, increase your skills then take siege on the other players and if they beat you to it, you must defend your keep from them.

SpellForce 3 launches on 7 December, right now exclusive for PC only.