Horizon Forbidden West – Burning Shores: DLC & Trophy List out

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Horizon Forbidden West has already been improved through several patches. The new patch 1.21, which was released on April 19th, also brings improvements and a new DLC.

By Kilian Kilian

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  Horizon Forbidden West  

Key Facts

  • On April 19th, the patch for Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 was released.
  • The new DLC was released for PS5.
  • Several accessibility options have been added.
  • The new list of trophies has been revealed.

Burning Shores now available


With the new patch, the Burning Shore DLC is now available for PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, this patch is exclusive to PlayStation 5 and therefore not available on PlayStation 4.

  Horizon Forbidden West  

The Burning Shores DLC, which for technical reasons is only available for PlayStation 5, sends Aloy to a brand new area, specifically the ruins of Los Angeles.

In this new area, there are of course new machines that Aloy must face in order to get to the bottom of the threat there.

However, the new section is not immediately available when the DLC is purchased. The new area can only be reached after completing the main game.


New Improvements


The new patch also added several improvements, especially in terms of accessibility.

Since this patch is only available for PlayStation 5, players on PlayStation 4 do not benefit from these improvements, although the following accessibility options would also be interesting without the DLC.

Firstly, subtitles can now be made larger than before. Additionally, an improved mode for color blindness has been added.

Furthermore, for players who have problems with the underwater parts of the game, a Thalassophobia mode has been integrated into the game to help them overcome their fear and enjoy the game.

One of the improvements that most players will probably appreciate is the automatic pickup of items, even after defeating machines, which creates a much better flow for players.

The focus mode is also now easier to use, with a control aid added during focus mode.

Finally, the camera can now automatically focus, which makes the battles feel even more dynamic.

  Horizon Forbidden West

Trophy list for Burning Shores


If you’re an achievement hunter and want to get all the new trophies, you might be interested in the following list where I name all 18 new tasks. If you don’t want to be spoiled, it’s best to skip the following section.

There is 1 gold trophy, 3 silver trophies, and 14 bronze trophies.

The gold mission is:

  1. Complete all main and side quests.

The tasks for the silver trophies are:

  1. Defeat the awakened Horus and thwart Londra’s plans.
  2. Learn all new skills.
  3. Completely upgrade the Ghost Gauntlet.

The tasks for the bronze trophies are:

  1. Find the missing Quen and uncover Londra’s plan to leave Earth.
  2. Find out the truth about Londra’s plans and rescue Seyka’s sister.
  3. Help the Quen of Fleet’s End recover invaluable knowledge and free the prisoners.
  4. Use Brimshine to buy an outfit and a weapon.
  5. Attach an Elite Coil to a weapon or an Elite Fabric to an outfit.
  6. Reach the core of Cauldron THETA and access its information.
  7. Scan all new machines.
  8. Retrieve all Pangea figures and complete the Dino Digits quiz.
  9. Reach level 60.
  10. Recover all Delver jewels and dig their treasure trove.
  11. Discover and complete all aerial shots.
  12. Used grapple strike on five unique machines.
  13. Take out five machines with the ghost glove in glide.
  14. Take out five bileguts and 50 stingspawns.

Hopefully this list will help you collect the achievements you’re interested in, so have fun!


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