Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Commented Gameplay Video

Sumo Digital and Focus Home present Hood: Outlaws and Legends in a Commented Gameplay Video.

By Ingo

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In the new video, you’ll learn how you can customize each character with certain perks to highlight certain play styles. For example, you can equip the Ranger with special melee and explosion damage perks, allowing him to go to higher levels and cover his team from afar.


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Actually intended as a support, The Mystic can use a quick movement advantage to sneak past guards to steal keys and unlock doors for his team silently, for example. Stealth is always the best method to gather enough information about enemy positions, the location of the vault and the map layout to plan and execute your raid. Use this approach to move undetected, distract or assassinate guards, steal keys, find treasures and, most importantly, decide when and where your team will enter open combat.


Regardless of whether you prioritize a stealthy ranged approach, brutal hand-to-hand combat, or a combination of both for your gang, working together is always the key to success. To that end, the video gives a deeper look into the game and how the different characters combine once you dive into the critical stages of a match.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be released on May 07, 2021.


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