Homefront The Revolution: Hearts and Minds 101 Gameplay Video

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Homefront The Revolution Wants You to Liberate an Entire City

In Homefront The Revolution, you play as an oppressed citizen who turned into the leader of the Resistance, and as the leader, you bear the weight of liberating the city of Philadelphia, zone by zone.

Homefront The Revolution
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In its second video from its series of gameplay videos,we are given a crash course on the different zones of Philadelphia. Each zone is equally challenging for players, as the KPA has its control over each of the zones. The gameplay video describes what players are about to face when they are in a specific zone.

RED ZONE – The Red Zone is where the Resistance has established a foothold. This is where you are totally at war with the KPA. Here you can setup traps, and ambush areas, or even establish safe houses where you can restock your equipment and other supplies. This zone, however, is also closely monitored by the KPA with snipers and airships, so being constantly on guard is a must.

YELLOW ZONE – The Yellow Zone is where the KPA is even stronger. It is a densely populated area (it’s where most of the citizens live) and is in a complete lockdown. Here you can blend in with the crowd and aim to win the hearts of the people by helping them against their oppressors, mobilizing them, and taking down the KPA’s infrastructures.

GREEN ZONE – The Green Zone is the heart of the KPA. This area is where they have full control over. How you fully occupy this zone will totally fall on the hands of you and the people you have mobilized.

Get to know more about each of the zones in Homefront The Revolution’s Hearts and Minds 101 gameplay trailer:

Want to be part of the revolution? Homefront The Revolution is coming out on May 17th on PC (Steam), Playstation 4, and Xbox One.



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