Hitman: Here’s What’s New!

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Hitman will be served hot this March 11th and we have some new stuff to whet your appetites!

Game Modes


Expect to have new modes in Hitman. They will be keeping the Contract Mode from Hitman Absolution where you play through which ever mission segment you choose and add NPC’s as your targets. Elusive Targets is something new that is considered a “live component” of the game. Since the game will be always online, you will have a chance to track down your hits across the world in real time. This will be a one chance deal; if you miss then there will be no more second chances. This is “the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy,” according to IO interactive. Another mode is the Escalation Mode a fun mode that you can say is “no holds barred”. You can spice up the game mechanics on this mode – having fun rather than being realistic is what this mode is all about.

Exclusive CONTENT for PS4!

PlayStation 4 players are such lucky beagles when it comes to Hitman! They will have access to six bonus contracts called the Sarejevo Six. One of the six will come out on launch date entitled The Director.

Also for PlayStation Plus members, the PS4 Beta will be opening exclusively for you this coming March 4th. This is just for the weekend so make sure to tune in to the events tab on your PlayStation 4 so as not to miss it.

Legacy Opening Cinematic Trailer

Yup! Another amazing trailer for us to watch! It shows the hits of Agent 47 before arriving in Paris. The voice over talking about how all these high ranking hits changed the world. Watch the stunning trailer below:

So many exciting things are waiting for us on Hitman! Are you excited for this new game? Hit us up with your thoughts on the comments below!


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