GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: Source Code Leaks and Missing Cheats Add to Its Mess

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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition has had quite a disastrous launch, with its PC version getting pulled from the Rockstar Store (it’s back now, though).

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As if its disaster of a launch was not enough to keep Rockstar Games really scrambling last weekend, here come the dataminers revealing the game’s source code on Twitter. To add to this, Rockstar also had to remove 12 cheats from the Trilogy.



Source Code Leaks


A Twitter user named Vadim M. tweeted screenshots of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition’s source code from the game’s Switch version.

The source code includes “script sources, text sources, internal tools, [and] some other weird files,” according to his tweet.

  gta trilogy source code leak  

Of course Rockstar Games is not happy with this, so this made them pull the game from its store.

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Cheats Removed From GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition


Rockstar Games had to remove 12 cheats from GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition because of technical reasons, according to producer Rich Rosado.

“We had to remove some [cheats] for technical reasons because some things don’t play well with the Unreal engine. But that’s all I’m going to say about that. There are some funny things to discover. I won’t say what and where, but I wouldn’t play the game until the credits right at release,” Rosado tells USA Today.

Here are the cheats you can’t use anymore:


GTA San Andreas

  • Colliding cars fly away (Moon Gravity).
  • Invulnerability to shots and blows
  • Slow motion
  • Never hungry
  • Invisible cars
  • Triad Theme (passers-by with ninja swords)
  • Passers-by are replaced by gang members
  • Passers-by can be recruited for gang (carry rocket launchers)
  • Always midnight
  • Gang members spawn faster

GTA Vice City

The cheat to make the gameplay run faster speeds up the time in the remaster. In the original game, these are two separate cheats. It’s not known whether this is a bug or not.


The cheat to make cars invisible has been removed.


GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition for PC is now back at the Rockstar Store as of November 14.


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