GhostWire: Tokyo Blends Japanese Folklore With A Modern World

22 March 2022 at 19:26 in Gaming News with no comments

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a supernatural RPG that looks to blend Japanese folklore with the beautiful modern neon landscape of Japan’s capital city.

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Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire Tokyo is a supernatural action-adventure game where Tokyo’s population has disappeared, and vengeful spirits roam the city.

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The beauty of Ghostwire: Tokyo is that it successfully blends Japanese folklore and urban legends with the supernatural in a game across modern and traditional locations.

In the campaign, which will take roughly 40 hours to complete, you will explore Tokyo’s ultra-modern landscape as you uncover the motives of a dangerous occultist.

Tango Gameworks describes Ghostwire: Tokyo as more of an action game than horror and will have you using ghost-hunting skills and elemental abilities to discover what happened to Tokyo’s missing population.

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The adventure will see you visit iconic landmarks, such as Tokyo Tower, and even journey through the underworld.

Ghostwire: Tokyo releases on March 25 for PS5 and PC.




Ghostwire: Tokyo – How Long Is the Story?

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