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First giveaway, a free Steam key to win every day : Twitter Giveaway   1) Follow us on Twitter. 2) Retweet our giveaway message. The message is usually posted around 15:00 GMT every day. 3) Every day a winner will be randomly selected and announced on twitter around 11:00 GMT. Every day a different Steam key to win. 4) This Twitter giveaway should last 15 days starting on the 26 of august 2012.      FINISH All participants must be over 18 years old. 27/08/2012 @Jellobo Win Counter Strike Global Offensive. Congratulations ! 28/08/2012 @BedSittingRoom Win Dragon age 2. Congratulations ! 29/08/2012  @CaptBenLWillard Win Dead space 2. Congratulations ! 30/08/2012 @gmanvg Win Alien vs Predator. Congratulations ! 31/08/2012 @eduardomota Win Duke Nukem Forever. Congratulations ! 01/09/2012 @r34ct0r Win Total War: Shogun 2 Fall Of The Samurai. Congratulations ! 02/09/2012 @aadam246 Win Trine 2. Congratulations ! 03/09/2012 @bobmantooth Win Max Payne 3. Congratulations ! 04/09/2012 @EASTGATEFACE Win Orcs Must Die 2 Congratulations ! 05/09/2012 @MrAlexGames19 Win Dead Space 2 Congratulations ! 06/09/2012 @kujen92 win Mass Effect 3 Congratulations ! 07/09/2012 @RWitts win FEAR 3 Congratulations ! 08/09/2012 @xKrono Win Max Payne 3 Congratulations ! 09/09/2012 @EmilieSheridan Win Dead Space 2 Congratulations ! 10/09/2012 Anthrax132 Win World of tanks Premium Congratulations ! [divider /]  Second way to win a free Steam key : Comment Giveaway Help us and leave a comment to review the Steam key store where you bought a Steam key on the store review page and get a chance to win back the sum of your order. You help us on reviewing CD Key stores, you help our community, and you have a chance to win prizes ! To participate simply follow these instructions : 1) Join our Facebook page. 2) Leave a message on the Store Review page about one of your recent purchase Please note that you need to create an account here. Every month there will be a lucky winner among the comments.


says on February 25, 2013, 3:59

LoL no ones win .. ?

says on August 30, 2012, 19:13

Nice idea 😉

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