Forza Horizon 5 – Full Map & Biomes Revealed

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Forza Horizon 5, the upcoming open-world racing game from Turn 10 Studios and Xbox Game Studios, will feature 11 unique biomes within its Mexico map and it’s almost 1.5x the size of Forza Horizon 4’s map.

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Ahead of Forza Horizon 5’s release later this year, the developers have been showing off the game’s incredible open-world map and the locations you will be racing.

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The game features 11 unique biomes that will change as they transition through the different seasons, meaning tropical storms, rainy seasons, and more.

Let’s jump into the different biomes and take a look at each.




The canyon is full of rock formations and features ridges, furrows, and hoodoos, all of which will be a beautiful setting for pushing your vehicle to its limit. And, thanks to the game’s incredible granular synthesis audio, you can hear your engine truly roar.




If you want wildlife, rivers, and open fields, then the farmland biome may be the place for you. It promises plenty to look at and more than a few obstacles to avoid.



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The tropical coast is the perfect holiday destination, and you can enjoy your vacation in Mexico by racing through palm trees and across white sand beaches. The only thing you need to watch out for other than seagulls are the tropical storms known to hit.



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The jungle promises lots of bush, as well as waterfalls, rivers, and of course trees. The Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Predator, influenced the biome, with Associate Art Director, Conar Cross, stating that one plant in the game is named “The Predator Bush.”



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The arid hills will prove a challenge for your off-road vehicles day or night, and during the winter season, they will open up further as the lakes dry up to reveal hidden passages and areas.



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The living desert biome is a scenic trip through rock formations and wildlife, and the area is full of cacti and other hostile-looking flowers.



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The Grand Caldera Volcano is the largest geological feature ever found in a Horizon game, and you can race to the top of it. The area features both tarmac and dirt roads, and as you race up the volcano, you will experience snowfall and see fantastic views of the world map.



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The city of Guanajuato is where the street racing will take place, with winding roads, tunnels, and hills. The city features beautiful architecture, and we expect it to be the central hub for the Horizon Festival.



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You can race and compete through a swamp area for the first time in the Forza Horizon series. Depending on the game mode, you will need to ensure you have the right car for the task.



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There is nothing but sand here, and this is where your cars will hit full speed. The long stretches of road and massive dunes are perfect for testing your car’s straight-line speed.



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Lastly, we have the rocky coast, where you will be racing through ocean views and sunsets. Interestingly, the area also features a golf course that you can expect to race through and around.




Forza Horizon 5 launches November 5, 2021, releasing on Xbox One Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC, and will be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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