Forsaken: Worlds Collide Trailer Unveiled with New Release Date

11 March 2022 at 19:41 in Gaming News with no comments

Sony dropped a new trailer for Forsaken in its State of Play broadcast, featuring the corrupted beasts she will encounter as well as her magical powers. Its release date has also been delayed.

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Forsaken was planned to launch in May 2022, but was delayed after its developer Luminous Productions announced that they want to take the time to polish the game. It will now be launching on October 11, 2022.

Here’s the full statement from the Luminous team:

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As we all eagerly wait for its launch, Sony also dropped a new trailer featuring the enemies Frey will face. In Forspoken, the protagonist Frey finds herself suddenly inside the magical and cruel world of Athia — a far cry from her native city, New York. As she explores this unfamiliar world, she will face corrupted enemies that will make her journey a little more challenging than she would have wanted.

The world of Athia has a variety of ferocious creatures that she will encounter. This includes the Gigas (a skeletal-looking being with embers in it), and the wild-winged Dragon as seen in the video above.

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The enemies are powerful themselves, but Frey won’t back down as she is also capable of tackling them using her magical powers. She gets to learn new skills as the game progresses. Some of her abilities have been inspired by nature, and one of these is called Storm Dart where she emits an electrical energy in battle. She can also use a move called Eagre which lets her command barriers of water.

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In terms of traversing the game’s huge open world, Frey can also use her powers alongside parkour, her speed, and agility to help her get across locations faster, or even evade enemies in battle. Her magical parkour ability even lets her walk on water.

Luminous and Square Enix promise to show more of the game’s action in the succeeding months, so stay tuned.


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