FIFA 19 Gets First Patch on PC, Consoles to Follow Soon

3 October 2018 at 14:31 in Gaming News with no comments

FIFA 19 launched with a few very annoying bugs. Thankfully, EA Sports has just released a new patch that addresses some of the more major ones. The patch is live now on the PC version and should roll out to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch soon.

The patch addresses two gameplay bugs. The first bug causes the power bar for Set Piece Kicks in Online Matches to sometimes go to 100% even when the player wanted less power. The second would sometimes cause players to get an inside of the foot shot animation when they really intended to do a regular shot. Both should be fixed as soon as you download the patch.

More interestingly, EA Sports also patched out Petr Cech’s protective helmet during negotiation scenes. Cech actually tweeted about the silly visual mishap saying that he would actually wear a tie instead. The patch removes the head gear and has given the player model a red tie as if in response to Cech’s tweet.

The patch also fixes a few issues that occur in FIFA Ultimate Team, The Journey, Career, and Online modes. A few bugs regarding traits and visual/presentation were also squashed.

Due to community feedback, EA sports will be limiting changes to gameplay in patches, keeping only mostly to balance changes and bug fixes. This should help with maintaining the consistency of the game.

FIFA 19 is out now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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