Fallout 4 Checklist App For All Your Needs!

12 March 2016 at 02:29 in Gaming News with 1 comment



Think you’ve conquered Fallout 4? Meaning the whole game, exploring all its nooks and crannies? If not and you are not sure if you have already. You can thank the heavens for this Redditor, Krylosac who has spent a lot of time making a desktop app that will provide you with a checklist. It is a complete checklist of everything you need and can do in the game.


Sure, the main story as well as the faction games can get you through, but there is more to Fallout 4 than you think. There are hidden dungeons to explore that will give you the satisfaction of little side stories. Suits of power armors are just waiting to be found and you have to get all those magazines. This will give you hours and hours more of Fallout 4 before they release the Story DLC this coming May 2016.

It might sound sketchy but dozens of Redditors swear by the app. So if you would want to try it, you can download the app from Github. Of course you will still get the warnings of it not being an official app and so you must tread with caution.

Fallout 4 is available to play for PC | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One.


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