F1 2020 Reviews Summary: An Outstanding Racing Game

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F1 2020 Reviews Summary  

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F1 2020 has finally launched and the reviews are out, so here we go through a couple of the reviews and pick out the best bits.




F1 2020 continues to be outstanding on the track, with improvements across the board, including the addition of ERS, allowing players to hit the overtake button, and improvements to the AI that allows for a more realistic approach to racing, particularly in 1v1 situations.

Players can choose the level of control in which they have over their car, such as controlling the ERS input, pit lane limiter, and tire warming, meaning players can have full control over their car, or they can have a more casual approach and focus only on the speeds and turns of a race.

When it comes to the racing, Martin Robinson, of EUROGAMER, writes, “there’s stuff here that anyone who’s ever loved a racing game can enjoy.”





The most eagerly anticipated addition to F1 2020 is My Team, putting players in complete control of their own team in F1, from controlling everything in the politics, sponsorships, engine contracts, and even signing racers.

For those wanting focus solely on the racing, they can do, but for players who love a little more control, My Team is a wonderful addition that brings with it a more realistic look on what goes on behind closed doors in an F1 team.

Luke Smith, of MOTORSPORT.com agrees, writing, “The mode is deeply rewarding, reaching a level that has never been present in the Codemasters F1 games before. The basic career mode remains if you want to focus on the driving side, but it gives the chance to look after all areas of the team and go on a real ‘road to glory’ story mode.”

Finally, gamers can celebrate with the successful return of split-screen in an F1 game. Split-screen returns and, as Luke Reilly puts it in his article for IGN, “You can choose any driver and car you want but we’ve had fun turning the split-screen into a bit of couch co-op by racing on the same team and striving for 1-2 finishes.”


F1 2020 has released at a time when F1 is as popular as ever thanks to the thrill of eSports. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the F1 season, delaying or canceling races altogether, but many F1 drivers have taken to streaming and this has led to a boost to popularity for the F1 series.

F1 2020 takes to the track and unites new and old racers alike, with Luke Smith finishing his review by stating, “All in all, F1 2020 acts as another step forward for the series, with the depth of My Team being a huge addition that will suck gamers in. But importantly, it remains accessible enough to be a gateway for new fans to the sport without completely overwhelming them.”

The new additions and new improvements haven’t gone missed either by Luke Reilly, with him saying, “F1 2020 is simultaneously the deepest yet most accessible Codemasters Formula One experience to date. The heavy reliance on recycled vignettes and the same old faces we’ve been seeing for virtually an entire generation admittedly means F1 2020 doesn’t necessarily look as fresh as it feels but, between My Team and split-screen, this is the most fun I’ve had with the F1 series for years.”

My Team seems to be everyone’s favorite game mode, with it adding longevity to the game and wanting players more, with Curtis Moldrich, from carmagazine.co.uk, writing, “My Team is an intriguing mode that captures the flavor of F1 both on the track and in the paddock, but the addition of split-screen gaming and better physics shows Codemasters has catered for all. Just like the Mercedes-AMG W11 already seems to be, F1 2020 is the most complete package we’ve seen in a long time.”

F1 2020 looks to be a success story, with older fans and newer ones loving the game so far. You too can purchase the game now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



F1 2020 Game Won’t Get Replacement Tracks


The F1 season is still postponed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but that has not kept update announcements for the F1 2020 game to be released.

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