Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 Launches New Features

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Windows 11 launched earlier this year, and for many, it brought much-needed changes and features for gamers. With the latest Insider Preview Build, 22523, Microsoft hopes to tweak and improve the operating system for a better user experience.

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  how to download Windows 11?  

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 tweaks Task View, File Explorer, and Control Panel.

The changes are an attempt by Microsoft to streamline various settings and options and move them into different areas of the OS.


  • Snap Groups are now available when pressing ALT+Tab and in Task View.
  • When browsing this PC, the add and remove media server options are now available in File Explorer.
  • Programs & Features now opens Settings > Apps > Installed Apps when clicked on in the Control Panel.
  • The Uninstall Updates feature has moved from the Control Panel to a new page found in Settings > Windows Update > Update History.

For me, the Snap Group feature has been a fantastic feature, and the new changes will hopefully make things easier for anyone who works from home and needs multiple windows and apps open on their desktop.



  where can I download Windows 11?  

Windows 11 has not been without its faults, and the new fixes attempt to address issues with the Taskbar, File Explorer, Widgets, Settings, and Input features.



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The Windows 11 Taskbar changed drastically from Windows 10, with a new look and layout, but Microsoft looks to fix a few minor issues with the upcoming patch.

  • The Start menu and search function should no longer suffer from freezes when attempting to type on ARM64 PCs.
  • Battery Icon will no longer show a percentage above 100.
  • Apps should no longer have their icons overlap the date and time on secondary monitors.

Another fix to the Taskbar will hopefully allow you to preview widgets once more by hovering over the icon, and links should open when clicked.


File Explorer

File Explorer has a few tweaks throughout the fixes, but one in particular addresses the loss of keyboard focus when using F2 to rename OneDrive files. Hopefully, this should no longer happen.



  how do I install Windows 11?  

Input fixes come to voice typing and pen use, with several crashes and issues addressed.

  • Better reliability when using the voice typing feature.
  • Borders of text input experiences should now draw correctly.
  • Fixed a crash when launching and immediately closing the pen menu.



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Changes to Settings fix various issues affecting search results and content loss when opening windows.

  • Content will no longer be removed from the window when the Settings window is made small.
  • The Settings window will no longer crash when attempting to open combo boxes.
  • Fixed a silent crash when trying to Add a device in Bluetooth & Devices.
  • Keywords added to make the Voice Access feature show up in search results.


Other Fixes

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Other fixes in the latest Windows 11 update fixes crashes, issues, and missing information in certain apps.

  • ARM64 PCs will hopefully no longer suffer from bug checks related to memory management errors.
  • A Desktop Window Manager (DWM) error that caused the screen to flash when using apps is now fixed.
  • Apps should no longer hang when using Narrator.
  • Missing details in the properties of narratorquickstart.exe will now appear.
  • Narrator will now respond correctly to notifications, live regions, and events.


Windows 11 Known Issues

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There are plenty of other bugs, errors, and crashes when using the Windows 11 OS.

We’ve listed a few known issues below, with Microsoft looking to fix these in early 2022.

  • Certain apps can prevent you from signing into them, and a restart of your PC should temporarily fix the issue.
  • Some people report a 0x8007012a error when failing to update drivers and firmware.
  • You may be prevented from typing when using Search, Start, or the Taskbar. Pressing WIN+R will launch the Run dialog box and allow you to type again.
  • The Taskbar can sometimes flicker when switching input methods.
  • Right-Clicking on the date and time on your primary monitor can sometimes crash your PC if you use a multiple monitor setup.
  • The Search icon on the Taskbar can sometimes not bring up the Search panel. To fix, restart the Windows Explorer.
  • Wi-Fi networks sometimes indicate the wrong signal strength.
  • Settings can crash when clicking System > Display > HDR.
  • Making changes to the Taskbar alignment can cause the Widgets button to disappear.
  • Using multiple monitors can cause the Widgets board to display the incorrect resolution.
  • Aligning the Taskbar on the left can prevent the temperature from showing.




Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22523 is the final flight for insiders for 2021, and Microsoft is looking to release it to everyone in the fall of 2022 with Windows 11 22H2.

The changes and fixes listed so far can change before the patch releases in the next Windows 11 feature update.

If, like us, you are enjoying using Windows 11, why not drop us a comment and let us know which feature you’re looking forward to the most and what addition or enhancement you would like to see for gamers.




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