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Valheim at Half Price

Valheim is currently available on Steam for just €10. (Ends: 28/5/24 at 13:00 CEST). So act quickly if you don’t want to miss this offer. If you miss it or want to save even more, I recommend AllKeyShop. AllKeyShop compares prices for you and always shows you the best price.

Valheim is an open-world survival game set in the Viking era. Equip yourself alone or together with up to 10 friends in co-op mode to survive in this harsh world. Besides normal dangers like wild animals, Valheim also features exciting boss battles against ancient beings that you have to summon. Just a few days ago, the free Ashlands update was released. This brings a whole new biome to the game. Additionally, the update includes 30 new weapons, 10 new creatures, and many new building materials. In Valheim, you can build your base with many different objects. However, you must consider structural stability. If you’re not careful, your built house will simply collapse.

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