Twitch vs. Kick: A Comprehensive Comparison of Streaming Platforms

22 June 2023 at 19:26 in Gaming News with 1 comment

Discover the differences between Twitch and Kick streaming platforms. Learn about revenue sharing, affiliate programs, gambling regulations, and more.

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  Twitch vs. Kick: A Comparison of Two Big Streaming Platforms  

Key Facts

  • Twitch is the biggest streaming platform, with over 2 million concurrent viewers daily.
  • Kick is a relatively new streaming service offering a 95/5 revenue split.
  • New or small streamers may benefit from Kick rather than competing on the over-saturated Twitch.



Everyone knows Twitch, and anyone that has played games has either watched a streamer or streamed on Twitch, but you may have yet to hear of Kick. This relatively new streaming platform is gaining momentum and looking to challenge Amazon’s platform.

   is Kick or Twitch Better?  

As time goes on, Twitch gets more saturated, with smaller streamers finding it more challenging to find an audience, forcing people to look at other platforms, like Kick.

But is Kick the best place to go, and what exactly do they offer streamers? We explore the key differences between Kick and Twitch and compare the benefits of each platform.


Kick vs Twitch: How to Reach Affiliate


Kick has fewer requirements to reach affiliate status than Twitch, but you do require more Followers.


Twitch Affiliate Requirements:

  • Reach 50 Followers.
  • Stream for 8 hours.
  • Stream on 7 different days.
  • Have an average of 3 viewers.

Kick Affiliate Requirements:

  • Reach 75 Followers.
  • Stream for 5 hours.


Kick vs Twitch: Revenue Split


The Twitch revenue split has been a heated debate for years, and recently, the platform decided on a 50/50 split, with bigger streamers able to negotiate a 70/30 split. On the other hand, Kick employs a generous 95/5 revenue split.

The revenue split and potential earnings due the lack of rival content creators has seen popular streamers like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Richard ‘Ninja’ Blevins, and Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa move to Kick, with many more expected to follow.

The recent deal to take xQc to Kick is reported to be worth up to $100 million.

Twitch Revenue Split

  • 50/50 on Subscriptions.

Kick Revenue Split

  • 95/5 on Subscriptions.


Kick vs Twitch: Best Platform For New Streamers?


Twitch is massive, absolutely massive. There are 2.5 million viewers daily for nearly 100,000 Twitch channels. That may sound like good numbers, but the odds of success are very low for new streamers looking to get noticed on a platform over a decade old.

Kick, meanwhile, has a daily viewership of between 100,000 to 150,000 split over between 2,500 to 7,000 channels.




Kick may not have the experience that Twitch does, but for the easier affiliate requirements, the generous revenue split, and fewer channels to compete with, it could be a perfect platform for new or small streamers.




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