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Synergy The Game Release

Synergy is out on Early Access! Get the game now on Steam at a special launch discount.

This new city-building game, combined with survival elements, is set in a strange and hostile world where you must build a city while respecting the ecosystem. You will need to explore and analyze your environment to find the best places to build and to find the resources you need to survive. You will also need to provide for the needs of your citizens so that your city can thrive.

Synergy the game was released on May 21, 2024 for PC via Steam. No console release is announced.

Synergy Full Release

Unfortunately, the devs have not released a roadmap yet on the full development of the game. Usually, a game is targeted to stay on Early Access for about 6-12 months but we all know some games never make it out.

But for a faint light at the end of the tunnel, a Synergy Supporter Pack is also listed on Steam which says that the EA contains the soundtrack and wallpapers, while the full release will have the Artbook. The release date for this DLC has not been announced yet however.

If you are excited for Synergy and want to see where the devs can take this game, support it on EA and let’s take it to the finish line!

Where to play Synergy the game for free?

Synergy participated in Steam Next Fest last February and featured a free demo for the public. While it was intended to run only until the end of the event, the demo is still live and available for download on Steam. So if you’re still hesitating whether to buy it or not, the demo is the perfect way to know.

Where can I buy Synergy The Game CD Key cheap?

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