Star Wars Mandalorian Game: Canceled after numerous layoffs at EA

29 February 2024 at 21:59 in Gaming News with no comments
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Recently, new information about the planned Star Wars Mandalorian game developed by Respawn Entertainment was leaked. But now, the game is no longer set to be released. Find out all the reasons here.

Main Information

  • The Star Wars Mandalorian game was canceled due to the dismissal of many employees.
  • EA wants to distance itself more from external titles and focus more on internal development.

Reasons for Cancelling the Mandalorian Game

The Mandalorian game, developed by Respawn Entertainment, which was supposed to allow you to play as a Mandalorian bounty hunter, will never see the light of day. Yesterday, EA announced the dismissal of 670 employees, which is about 5% of its workforce. Following this, EA made the announcement that external games, which are likely not to be successful, will no longer be developed. An IGN report has stated that one of these titles is the Star Wars Mandalorian game.

Mandalorian Game

However, this is now a general new strategy by EA. They want to develop fewer licensed titles and focus more on their own games. Accordingly, the development of Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been halted, and the focus has been shifted to their own Battlefield games. But of course, big and popular licensed games will still be developed. A new Star Wars Jedi game is currently in development. The studio will now put special emphasis on this game, especially after the cancellation of the other game from the Star Wars universe. When there are more details about it, we will inform you immediately at AllKeyShop.

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