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Interaction Isn’t Explicit is not a traditional video game but rather an interactive experience designed to explore the concept of interaction in game design. It’s described as a “short, interactive study” which aims to explore different aspects of game design, including their pros and cons, and how they contribute to the overall language of video games.

Although it features elements like third-person shooter combat and a visually stunning world, the focus is not on traditional gameplay mechanics. The dev’s vision is more to provide a platform for players to actively engage with the design concepts being presented.

Interaction Isn’t Explicit was released on January 16, 2024 as a free to play game for Playstation.

Interaction Isn’t Explicit Free Download

After almost 2 months from release, the Playstation free to play game already scored 4.24 stars out of 5 with over a thousand reviews. Goes to show that although it is a “non-game” and only lasts about 30 minutes, it’s a game worth your half an hour.

And if you’re in any way interested in game design and/or want to play a shooter game in a whole new different perspective, Interaction Isn’t Explicit is a game you should try. In the end, it’s free so no reason why you shouldn’t! And for added incentive, it has trophies too.

You can play Interaction Isn’t Explicit for free by downloading it from the Playstation Store. Unfortunately for Playstation 4 users, this game is a PS5 exclusive.


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