Primitive Society Simulator Released: Lead Your Tribe to Glory and Save

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Primitive Society Simulator Released: Lead Your Tribe to Glory and Save

Among the many releases this year, there are also new indie titles, which in recent years have been increasingly appreciated given the state of AAA games. Among these is Primitive Society Simulator, a strategic sim that is finally ready to launch in Early Access on 27 February 2024.

What is Primitive Society Simulator

Primitive Society Simulator is a title developed and published by the indie team YSH BigDove. What the title offers is a strategy and simulator where we will lead a tribe from ancient times from a simple tribe to creating a complex tribal society. The team certainly doesn’t hide behind influences for their title, citing major inspirations such as RimWorld, Dawn of Man, and StoneAge, all surrounded by tales of ancient Chinese legends.

Important mechanics of the title concern how there is a system based on lineage and how the new generations are influenced by the attributes of their ancestors in terms of physical build as well as influenced by their diet. Not to mention how it is possible to pass on knowledge to new generations through inscriptions on large stone tablets.

Classic managerial and simulative elements are not lacking, allowing us to create new tools, capture livestock, and expand our harvest by introducing new plants obtained during exploration. Not to mention the element of trade as well as the military one with which to incorporate other tribes by emerging victorious in wars.

Primitive Society Simulator: Cost and Plans for the Future

YSH BigDove, the team behind Primitive Society Simulator, already has numerous plans for their first title. They speak in a Steam post about what to add to the title:

  • New Animals: Chickens, sheep, wild boars, saber-toothed tigers, and mammoths
  • Relationships through more dialogues, tribeman personalities, and family specializations
  • Many new buildings, structures, and furniture

All accompanied by new improved tutorials and strategy guides to make the experience simpler for newcomers to the genre. The team also talks about an Early Access period expected to last at least 2 years but to officially launch the title only if they are satisfied with the conditions.

The launch of Primitive Society Simulator is scheduled for 27 February 2024 (01:00 a.m. GMT), in Early Access at a price of $19.99 / 18,49€. If you are interested, you can check the post on Steam: FUTURE PLANS & PRICING

Primitive Society Simulator showcase of farming


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