Unbeatable Sales: PlayStation Store Takes on Allkeyshop

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Many games for the PlayStation are relatively expensive. So, of course, you’re delighted when games are on sale in the PlayStation Store, but do you always have to wait for a sale, or can you possibly get them even cheaper without a sale? Today, we have a comparison between the PlayStation Store vs AllKeyShop. If you’re also wondering how to save more on PlayStation games, then keep reading.

AllKeyShop vs PlayStation Store  

Key Information

  • With AllKeyShop, you can compare the prices of video games.
  • AllKeyShop often offers games at lower prices compared to the sale prices in the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store vs. AllKeyShop

In the PlayStation Store, there are always tempting offers where you can save a lot on top titles. For example, there is currently a 60% discount on EA Sports FC 24 or 30% off the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare III.

AllKeyShop vs PlayStation Store

But you can save on PlayStation games not only during sales in the PlayStation Store. Another way is AllKeyShop. AllKeyShop compares the prices from over 60 verified key sellers and always shows you the best price for video games. So, let’s compare whether AllKeyShop or the PlayStation Store performs better by comparing some of the top PlayStation titles.

Comparison of AllKeyShop with the PlayStation Store

EA Sports FC 24

Until January 6th, EA Sports FC 24 costs €31.99 in the PlayStation Store.

At AllKeyShop, EA Sports FC 24 costs only €25.72, even lower than the sale price in the PlayStation Store. The best part is that when the sale ends tomorrow, the prices at AllKeyShop won’t change much. So, EA Sports FC 24 costs €50 more in the PlayStation Store compared to AllKeyShop.

So, it’s 1:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is currently on sale for €55.99 in the PlayStation Store until January 6th, and after that, it will go back to its full price of €80.

At AllKeyShop, you can get it for only around €45 during the sale, which is just €10 less. However, when the sale ends, you’ll be paying just over half the price for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 at AllKeyShop.

So, it’s now 2:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 for the PlayStation 5 costs €39.99 in the PlayStation Store, even with a 50% discount until January 6th, and it goes back to €80 afterward.

The price at AllKeyShop is only a few euros lower during the sale, at around €32. However, once the sale ends, the difference in price will again be significant.

So, it’s now 3:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.

Mortal Kombat 1

The latest Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat 1, is currently on sale for €44.99 instead of the original price of €74.99, and this offer lasts until tomorrow.

At AllKeyShop, you can get Mortal Kombat 1 for less than €40, which is even below the sale price in the PlayStation Store.

So, it’s now 4:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.


GTA 5, the classic from Rockstar Games, is currently available for only €19.99 for the PlayStation 5 in the PlayStation Store. However, this price is only valid until January 6th.

Here, there is hardly any difference in price compared to AllKeyShop, as it is priced at €19.12. So, it is still slightly below the PlayStation Store price. However, once the offer ends, the price at AllKeyShop will be significantly lower than that in the PlayStation Store.

So, it’s now 5:0 in favor of AllKeyShop, even though it was a close call with GTA V.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is on sale for €37.49 until January 6th. After that, it will return to its full price of €74.99.

Here, AllKeyShop also beats the sale price in the PlayStation Store by several euros. It costs only €31.50.

So, it’s now 6:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.

Alan Wake 2

The latest Alan Wake game, Alan Wake 2, is still on a 20% discount and costs €47.99 instead of €59.99.

Even here, the PlayStation Store price cannot beat AllKeyShop. At AllKeyShop, you can find Alan Wake 2 for only €41.30.

So, the final score is 7:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.


When we compare all the games side by side here, it’s clear that not a single game, even on sale, could beat AllKeyShop’s prices. So, the final score is a resounding 7:0 in favor of AllKeyShop.


Even when games are on sale in the PlayStation Store and the offer seems really tempting, you shouldn’t act too quickly. Today, we’ve learned that even games on sale are often cheaper to find at AllKeyShop. This applies, of course, to games that are not on sale as well. So, from now on, save and compare prices with AllKeyShop, and don’t buy your games from the PlayStation Store anymore.

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