Microsoft Eyes Steam in $16 Billion Acquisition Rumor

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Microsoft Eyes Steam in $16 Billion Acquisition Rumor

A rumor has been circulating for a few days and seems to have made its way around the internet. A rumor concerning Microsoft allegedly making a 16$ billion offer to acquire Valve’s store, Steam. A rumor certainly not new, very questionable, but certainly something discussed within Microsoft multiple times over the years.

The acquisition of Steam by Microsoft – The origins of the Rumor

The origins of the rumor seem to trace back to user @xDiorCS on Twitter (X), a content creator mainly dedicated to the Counter-Strike 2 scene. However, as many users have mentioned, it is nothing concrete. Although the rumor has a possible “origin” from the leaks of internal emails dated 2020, precisely in September 2023. Emails that were indeed spread during Microsoft’s case with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) during the long and debated acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

extract of Microsoft’s 2020 email about acquiring Nintendo

Some of these emails even spoke of a Microsoft interested, eventually, in buying Nintendo as well. Where Phil Spencer himself admits it would have been a difficult task but something that Microsoft would consider as a long-term process. That said, an offer of only 16$ billion to acquire Steam would certainly be negligible, and there are many factors playing against such take.

Some of the reasons why Valve wouldn’t sell to Microsoft

Many may not know that Gabe Newell himself worked for Microsoft for 13 years in a significant role. Considering that he worked as a Producer on the first three releases of the Windows 95 operating system, one of the most important operating systems for Microsoft. And despite Gabe admitting he learned a lot from his time working with Microsoft, it is certainly no secret that he likes to make some jabs about Windows during conferences. As well as the choice to adopt and work on Linux-based operating systems over the years, bringing a real revolution with Proton and, on a minor scale, Steam OS for the Linux environment.

new update Rental for the Kilowatt Case of CS2

Furthermore, from a financial standpoint, it certainly wouldn’t be a viable option, considering that Microsoft shelled out 69$ billion for Activision Blizzard. Where Steam seems to generate over 10$ billion a year, not counting constant cash flow factors like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Counter-Strike 2, on top of the store’s revenue. Not to mention that Gabe Newell is very aware of the state of the gaming market and especially the user base possible backlash and boycott. Although the Counter-Strike division likes to play with fire, as the new “Rental” system of the Kilowatt Case would suggest, certainly annoying a good portion of skin collectors. In short, we are talking about simple rumors, despite the fear that one day Gabe Newell’s official resignation could lead to a different and unforeseen path for Steam, and even a potential sale.


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