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Recently, CM Games, the studio behind Into the Radius 1 & 2 VR, released the first teaser trailer for Into the Radius 2 VR just a few days ago. Everything you need to know about this game and the trailer can be found here.

Main Information

  • Check out the new teaser trailer for Into the Radius 2 now.
  • Experience a realistic VR shooter experience, full of enemies and a great atmosphere.
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What is Into the Radius 2 VR?

Into the Radius 2 VR is obviously a VR game. This game can only be played with a VR headset and there is no mode without it. It’s a realistic survival shooter where you investigate anomalies in the Pechorsk Security Zone. Along the way, you’ll pass surreal landscapes and encounter some abnormalities.

You’re armed with realistic modern weapons. The trailer also shows that you can attach extensions to your weapons to get an even better and more realistic gaming experience. The developers have paid great attention to detail and given each weapon unique characteristics. You also need to clean these weapons regularly to keep them in good condition.

But one of the features that most people will be excited about is that you can play Into the Radius 2 with up to 4 people or alone. Unfortunately, playing alone was the only option in the previous version.

Into the Radius 2

In the world of Into the Radius 2, monstrous creatures lurk everywhere, so you must adapt and find cover in the often impassable terrain to survive.

In your base, you can craft items in peace, buy new things, and plan your next steps. With the loot you’ve collected on your journey, you can acquire new equipment. But you can also become stronger in other ways. In the world, you can find artifacts that enhance your character.

Into the Radius 2 Teaser Trailer

On April 12th, CM Games released the teaser trailer for Into the Radius 2 on YouTube. At the beginning, we see a creature that looks like a plant at first, but then jumps directly into the player’s face. So, you already see one of the many supernatural beings you’ll encounter in Into the Radius 2.

Then, we see a weapon being modified by a new sight. You can relatively freely choose the position of your scope and much more to perfectly customize the weapon to yourself. You also have to pack your own little bag, adding to the realism of the game.

Into the Radius 2

The abnormal environment of the game is also visible in the trailer. We see a red lake/river and pieces of a building floating freely in the air, held in place by abnormal forces. Towards the end of the trailer, we also see a planet. It is very close to ours and is likely responsible for all the abnormalities.

The trailer also shows a fight against other human beings with weapons. In this fight, the player takes cover behind a car to protect themselves from enemy shots. After killing the enemies, they are pulled into the air and dissolve.

But as they say, pictures speak louder than words, so it’s best to watch the trailer for yourself. It’s linked here or simply scroll up a bit to watch it directly.

When is Into the Radius 2 Expected to Release?

An exact release date for Into the Radius 2 is unfortunately not known yet. But CM Games announced that Early Access is expected to start this summer.

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