GTA VI Development: Rockstar Calls Employees Back to Office for Final Stages

29 February 2024 at 19:00 in Deals, Gaming News with 1 comment
GTA VI Development: Rockstar Calls Employees Back to Office for Final Stages

From a recent report by Bloomberg, it seems that the staff at Rockstar Games are returning to work in the office instead of remotely. Further explanations of why are provided by Rockstar’s Editorial Manager. Don’t have GTA V yet? Get it today at an amazing price with Allkeyshop!

GTA VI: Rockstar Team Returns to Office

Rockstar’s Editorial Manager, Jenn Kolbe, speaks in a letter sent to all staff on February 28, 2024, about how starting from April, the team will return to working in the office instead of remotely as it has been until now. Kolbe elaborates on various aspects of the decision.

Firstly, she discusses security concerns in light of recent data breaches and security attacks that Rockstar has experienced in recent times. Attacks that have previously led to the leak of the Early Build of Grand Theft Auto VI, and more recently the leak of the trailer 24 hours before the official release.

The second point she emphasizes is related to the “tangible benefits” of having the entire team in one place. She further explains how the team’s return to the office will benefit the upcoming important steps to bring GTA VI in the best possible condition following the established roadmap, given the level of production and ambition of the title.

GTA VI: The Impact of Office Work vs Remote Work

What particularly matters to many is the impact that the return to the office, scheduled for April 2024, will have on the development of GTA VI. Indeed, Rockstar is certainly not the first to return to the old office work model, with a more recent example being that of Ubisoft Montreal. In Ubisoft’s case, the team certainly did not take the news of returning to the office well, especially after the company’s promise regarding remote work.

While remote work has become beneficial to companies in recent years during the pandemic, it has particularly benefited workers. Being able to better balance their work in a more relaxed and less hectic environment, not to mention the benefit of the familiar environment and time optimization. However, it seems that companies prefer the team’s return to the office, being able to control and balance work and development, often at the expense of the team itself.

In short, while the return to the office can be seen in the case of GTA VI as good news regarding the state of the game’s development, on the other hand, it will be necessary to be careful that there are no “crunching” issues for the last months of development, the most intense and important ones, which do not negatively impact the team and consequently the optimization of GTA VI. Considering that Rockstar is certainly not unfamiliar with this, given the famous 100 hours a week that the team had to maintain to finish Red Dead Redemption II.

the Rockstar Games team returns to the office to finish GTA VI and fight leaks


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