Epic Games Spring Sale vs Allkeyshop: Match of the day 14

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The Epic Games Spring Sale ends tomorrow, so today we’re doing one last comparison for you. We’ll be comparing three different games again and showing you where you can buy them for the best price. So, stay tuned for the highlights of the Epic Games Spring Sale one last time today.

Key Information

  • The Epic Games Spring Sale ends tomorrow.
  • You can still grab hundreds of discounts at the Epic Games Store until tomorrow.
  • With AllKeyShop, you can often save even more.

Epic Games Spring Sale

Today, we’re doing one last comparison of three top games for you. Today’s mix is complete again, so everyone should find a game for themselves. First up is a strategy game that transports many players back to the year 1800. Then comes a new zombie shooter that throws you onto an island. And finally, there’s a relaxing farm game for 1-4 players, where you can also enhance the island with magic.

The first game of the day is the strategy game Anno 1800. This game focuses particularly on the Industrial Revolution. Your goal is to continually expand and advance your city. Lead your city through the Industrial Revolution and continue to expand it. Defend your city against enemies and keep the people happy. Anno 1800 is currently discounted by 75% at the Epic Games Store for €14.99.

Next up is the first-person action RPG Dead Island 2. In this game, you’ll be bashing in the skulls of many zombies. This game shines especially with its abundant use of gore. Nevertheless, an exciting story and thrilling fights await you. The game is set in a Los Angeles overrun by zombies, where you’ve crashed with a plane. Dead Island 2 is available exclusively at Epic Games until mid-April. At Epic Games, Dead Island 2 has been discounted by 45%, now priced at only €32.99.

Last but not least, we have the relaxing farming game Fae Farm, which you can play with up to 4 players. You can expand your farm with many different plants and enhance it further with lots of decorative objects. Additionally, you can improve this mysterious island full of magical creatures through magic. Explore this idyllic world and build your own farm with your friends. Fae Farm is currently discounted at Epic Games by 30% to €27.99. 

Epic Games Spring Sale vs AllKeyShop

Today, we had one last comparison of three top games from the Epic Games Spring Sale. It’s evident that in 2 out of 3 cases, you could save even more with AllKeyShop, so today’s point goes to AllKeyShop again. But even though the sale ends tomorrow, there will be another comprehensive overview of all the games we’ve compared for you in the Epic Games Spring Sale. So, expect another big finale of the Epic Games Spring Sale 2024 tomorrow.

If you’re wondering how we can show you such good prices, let me explain quickly. We at AllKeyShop compare prices for you from over 60 verified key retailers. Often, one of these retailers has an even lower price than the official stores, allowing you to save.

So, the final score in our comparison now stands at 9:0 in favor of AllKeyShop against the Epic Games Spring Sale.


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