DOOM Reviews: Is This Game Worth Your Buck?

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DOOM reviews are finally out! Game critics dish out on their thoughts about the game from its single player to its multiplayer modes as well as their overall experience while playing it. And while most critic reviews applaud the game’s single player and SnapMap, there are mixed comments when it comes to its multiplayer mode. As of this writing, DOOM received a critic score of 83/100 in Metacritic.

We’ve compiled some of the reviews from the most respected gaming websites in the world. We’ve also summarized what they think the game’s pros and cons are.

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Doom 4
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Site: Attack of the Fanboy

Reviewer: William Schwarts Rating: 4/5

Doom is 2/3 really good and 1/3 really mediocre. The single player campaign is an absolute blast and if you like shooting action from that you can get all you can eat via SnapMap. Doom competitive multiplayer is really unfortunate, however. If it could have captured even some of the magic from the campaign it might be tolerable, but as it stands, it feels like it should’ve been aborted and nobody would likely have missed it.


  • The single player of Doom is amazing
  • Single player mode has a mix of old and new and has style as well as substance.
  • Campaign is okay.
  • Gameplay is totally fun.
  • Like a modern FPS, the game is silky smooth and fast.
  • “Glory Kill”
  • SnapMap


  • The Doom multiplayer mode is not good.
  • No different strategies needed to take down an enemy.
  • Multiplayer mode is quite boring, the weapons feel weak and speed is lacking.

Site: Bloody Disgusting

Reviewer: Adam Dodd Rating: 9/10

Id Software has successfully reinvented the classic Doom experience for a modern audience without actually having to reinvent anything. It’s not a reboot, it’s a revival. If you ever wondered what Doom might look like in 2016, this is it.


  • “Glory Kills”
  • No troublesome stamina bars to monitor.
  • Most impressive reboot ever.
  • Traditional arsenal.
  • Great verticality in level design.


  • Storyline is at a minimum.
  • Doom multiplayer is only for a specific type of player.

Site: Digitally Downloaded

Reviewer: Matt S. Rating: 2.5/5

At the start of the review I mentioned that i have noticed that people are generally quite positive on Doom, and therefore it looks like i’ll be an outlier here, but perhaps that’s not the extent of it. Most of the positivity that I have been seeing is that the game “plays well” and “isn’t as bad as expected,” I’m not really denying that in this review. Rather I think of it like this; people will be talking about the first two Doom games for decades more. Those two games may well be remembered as true classics of the gaming medium a century down the track. This Doom won’t.


  • Gunplay is satisfyingly okay.
  • No more hunting of keys.


  • Storyline is not convincing.
  • Protagonist has no personality.
  • The game is not shocking.
  • Lack of focus on violence.
  • Hell stage is quite easy.
  • Multiplayer has no improvement.

Site: Gaming Bolt

Reviewer: Rashid Sayed Rating: 9/10

Doom is by far the best first person shooter you will play this generation. It is not something you will expect. Just go in without any unusual expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised by the depth the game offers.


  • Best FPS of this generation.
  • Insanely fast game.
  • Never a dull moment because of its pacing.
  • Doom looks amazing.
  • Wide maps.
  • Varying characteristics and behaviors of enemies.
  • The customization system.
  • Multiplayer was a lot of fun.


  • Sometimes gives you a feeling that you have done the same thing over and over again.
  • Minor frame drops.
  • Increased load times.
  • Not a fan of the game’s plot.
  • The weapon sound was underwhelming.

Site: IGN

Reviewer: Joab Gilroy Rating: 7.1/10

Doom is a tale of two very different shooters (and one quirky creation tool.) The single layer campaign’s reverent worship of the series roots results in an old school run-and-gun shooter which feels like imitation Doom, a cover of an old hit which nails all the right power cords but isn’t exactly transformative. The multiplayers attempts to borrow from the new to reinvigorate the old results in an experience which won’t satisfy either school of thought. SnapMap, meanwhile is a blend of weird and simple endearing.


  • The weapon and armor upgrade system.
  • The SnapMap experience.


  • Some error-less crashes with odd clipping issues
  • The multiplayer mode is unmemorable.

Site: Metro Game Central

Reviewer: GameCentral Rating: 7/10

Doom is gory, but never in any shocking or interesting ways. And unlike Doom 3 it never even tries to be scary, which is fine – the original wasn’t either – but it still need some sort of extra flavor; something to elevate it from merely a successful comeback to a great game in its own right.


  • Weapon and armor upgrades are interesting.
  • The SnapMap component is easy to use.
  • Doom’s campaign is entertaining.
  • Excellent action.
  • Soundtrack is good.


  • No modern style set pieces or puzzles.
  • Not much sign of AI in the game.
  • The multiplayer mode completely breaks rank from the original Doom game.
  • Art design is mediocre.

Site: Playstation Lifestyle

Reviewer: Tyler Treese Rating: 8/10

Defying the odds, id Software has made Doom not only a relevant series in 2016, but a great one. They’ve also managed to create three distinct modes that all have their own appeal and feel to them. It’s an amazing package, and one that i’ll continue to come back to.


  • A brilliant reboot of the game.
  • Quick movement around the environment.
  • Very satisfying core combat loop.
  • Amazing brutal kill system.
  • Exploration in campaign mode.
  • Impressed with the potential of SnapMap.


  • Amount of first-person platforming that needs to be done.
  • Maneuvering in the first person a few times lead to death.
  • The load times when you die takes so long.
  • Some bugs in the game that lacks polishing.
  • Some game textures appear to be low quality and out of place.
  • Audio issues.
  • SnapMap doesn’t have sorting tools and there is no option to follow a creator.
  • Multiplayer mode limits you to holding two weapons at once.

Site: The Sixth Axis

Reviewer: Dave Irwin Rating: 9/10

Doom is a truly spectacular bit of ultraviolence, but it’s deceptively smart in how it gets about it. It knows that all you want to do is blow stuff up in increasingly more brutal ways, leading to a single player that is probably the best FPS campaign since Wolfenstein: The New Order. While multiplayer is almost a damp squib, SnapMap allows for those with creative minds to unleash their creativity with an easy to learn map editor. To describe Doom in two words: Bloody brilliant.


  • Great single player campaign.
  • Enemy design looks good and the levels made are brilliant.
  • Weapons are amazing.
  • “Glory Kills”
  • The SnapMap.


  • Story is a bit thin.
  • Multiplayer mode doesn’t reach expectations.

Have you played Doom as well? What are your toughts about the game? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!



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