Destiny 2: The Final Shape Launch Chaos – Compare Prices

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Launch Chaos - Compare Prices

4 June 2024, was certainly a day not to be forgotten for Destiny 2 fans. Indeed, the date marks the official launch of The Final Shape, the new expansion DLC that many have eagerly waiting to get back to Destiny 2. But the launch was certainly not among the best, and in fact, it immediately threw Bungie’s game into chaos, with strong disappointment and criticism from the players.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape – What Happened at Launch

The Final Shape is the eighth expansion update of Destiny 2 and marks not only 10 years of content for the franchise but also the conclusion of the game’s first major saga: Light and Darkness Saga. A significant update and expansion that brought many longtime players back to Destiny 2 with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the launch, which took place globally on 4th June 2024, was immediately hit by quite a few problems.

In fact, if Destiny 2 players are now “used to” server issues at the launch of each new major update, this time, the usual server problem was harshly criticized by the community due to a plethora of new issues. Players found themselves being kicked out of the game session during missions or even during cutscenes. Adding to this were server issues that prevented some players from loading missions, entering the game, etc.

The Official Response from Bungie for The Final Shape

The Destiny 2 team certainly acted quickly and promptly communicated that the team was working hard to fix the server-related problems. Some fixes have already been implemented that have resolved most of the errors. Specifically, they reportedly that they fixed the Honeydrew error within 20 minutes and Weasel and Plum in about an hour. However, the team confirms that the Currant error is still unresolved and is their number one priority.

Official Tweet from the Destiny 2 team about the launch fixes of The Final Shape

Meanwhile, the team suggests for those who could not see the cutscenes of Missions 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to use the temporary fix of replaying the Mission from the Replayable Missions node in the center of the Pale Heart map. Finally, the team apologizes to the community, reiterating that The Final Shape was designed to offer a new story-driven adventure that could entertain everyone. They confirm that the team will try to fix the problems as soon as possible. In short, not a stellar launch for this awaited Destiny 2 expansion, with issues that should be fixed within a few days, finally allowing players to enjoy The Final Shape without problems. In fact, much of the negative feedback on Steam is already steadily turning into positive, with praise for the new expansion’s story.


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