Dead Island 2 – Do the new effects take the game to a higher level?

20 March 2023 at 19:16 in Gaming News with no comments

Dead Island 2 is the new game of Deep Silver which will be published on 21.4.2023 with new amazing splatter effects.

By Killian Kilian

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  Dead Island 2 Splatter    

Key Facts

  • Dead Island 2 releases at 21.4.2023
  • The new effects are outstanding.
  • The game is criticized in many ways.

Dead Island 2 will be released in about a month and the splatter effects will be amazing


Studio Deep Silver gave us a few more insights on their new Game Dead Island 2, which will be released on 21.4.2023 and the new effects looked insane.

  Dead Island 2  

The second part of the Dead Island game series is finally coming soon, and the wait has definitely been worth it. After the trailer promised some splatter a few months ago, this was only further confirmed by the new gameplay trailers.

The game is realistic and not necessarily for the faint of heart, and may even cause nausea in some more sensitive players.

When you attack zombies and hit them, they lose their skin, their fat, muscles, and even bones, which then lie all around. Whether it’s crushed bones from a hammer, a head cleanly cut off with a knife, an explosion that spares no zombie in the area, or even the brain stuck to the wall after a shotgun blast, Dead Island 2 has it all.

  Dead Island 2

Effects are not everything.


Despite its great success, the game has received much criticism. Many players complain that the game series has unfortunately hardly evolved over time.

Also, the setting of the tropical island is not as well implemented in the new Tropical Island 2 and has received criticism.

The entire world is now much less open and the player has to follow a much more linear path than in previous games. The combat system was also supposed to be improved, but it has become even more complex and deviates significantly from the original system.

The story neglects the most important aspect, which is how the apocalypse actually came to be, and as a result, it feels aimless and pointless.

Many players now fear that it’s not worth buying the game since it hardly differentiates itself from its predecessors. However, whether this is really the case will only become apparent with the official release.


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