Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Brings More Than Just New Civs

18 January 2018 at 08:03 in Gaming News with 1 comment
Civilization 6 Rise and Fall

Bringing more civilizations into the game is a given, but you also shouldn’t forget that Civilization 6 Rise and Fall will bring with it various new gameplay mechanics that will change how you play the game. To remind you of that fact, Firaxis has just released a new video detailing what to expect with the release of the game’s first expansion.

Civilization 6
Civilization 6 Rise and Fall


Various mechanics are discussed in the video. Aside from Golden Ages, players can find their empire going into a Dark Age as well. When you end an era with a low Era Score, you’ll find yourself entering a Dark Age in the next era. This lowers happiness throughout your empire and can cause your cities to revolt. Getting through a Dark Age however also makes entering a Golden Age more likely. When you do, you enter a Heroic Age instead which gives more bonuses than the normal Golden Age.

Some of the other features discussed include the new Loyalty System, Dedications, Governors, and Emergencies. These additions help make the gameplay more dynamic and will bring a lot of new things for veterans of the series. You can view the entire video below:

The expansion will also be adding new civilizations, leaders, units, wonders and technologies. Civilization 6 Rise and Fall is due out on 8 February for PC.


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