Chivalry 2 – Which Edition to Choose

9 June 2021 at 19:00 in Editions with no comments

Chivalry 2, the first-person medieval war game, launches June 1 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms, and if you are unsure which edition to buy, we have run the different versions down to make it easier for you.

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There are two editions of Chivalry 2 that you can buy, Standard and Special Edition.


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Pre-Order Bonus

If you pre-order the Chivalry 2 Standard or Special Editions, you will gain the following exclusive bonus item.

  • Royal Zweihänder – A two-handed sword capable of dealing massive amounts of damage when you feel surrounded.

Chivalry 2 pre-order bonus


Standard Edition


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  • Base Game


Special Edition

Ordering the Chivalry 2 Special Edition will get you the base game and the following additional content:


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  • Jousting Knight Armor – You can now kill in style with the exclusive Agatha and Mason Knight armor.
  • Novelty Item: Roses – Your love for battle knows no limitations as you charge into battle with the Roses novelty item.
  • Royal Broadsword – The Royal Broadsword is a beautiful weapon intended for leaders of battle.
  • Gold Horseman’s Axe – If beheading your enemies is more your style, the Gold Horseman’s Axe is the perfect weapon.
  • 1000 Crowns – Chivalry 2’s premium currency. (Spend on new armor, customizations, etc.)
  • 5000 Gold – Chivalry 2’s earnable currency. (Spend on new armor, customizations, etc.)


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