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Release date
5 August 2021
Official website
Starni Games
Starni Games
PC / PS5 / PS4
Strategy Simulation

About this game

Strategic Mind the Pacific is a turn-based strategy game developed by Starni Games, a war simulator based on the war in the Pacific between the Japanese Empire and the United States of America during WW II. The main campaign offers a comprehensive experience of the war by giving you the perspective and command for both sides in the conflict. The Majority of the battles in the pacific took place in large-scale naval combat with carriers, destroyers, and aircraft but you will still have to send infantry on landing missions to occupy islands bases. To win you will need solid cooperation and tactical knowledge between all your armies in land, sea, and air.

  • Before going into missions, you will have the option to pick and choose how many and which ships, submarines, and aircraft will constitute the bulk of your fleet. With all of them having period-accurate models.
  • Troops that survive after each mission gain experience points which you can use to invest in specific skills you can further customize them by putting attachments on them making them good at specific strategies.
  • Intricate combat mechanics: when attacking you have the option to choose what parts of the ship you want to target the hull, engine, flight deck, etc. this system offers a wide variety of tactical depth, do you want to damage the engine and render the ship immovable or will you risk it and try to destroy its armored hull and sink it outright?
  • Your commanders will also have a role to play each of them have a unique skill they can use, choose which commander suits your playstyle, and use their skills at just the right moment.

Bundle Edition

This Edition of the game contains 2 games from the Strategic Mind bundle strategic mind Blitzkrieg – the german war in Europe and strategic mind the pacific – the Naval battles between Imperial Japan and the USA in the pacific.

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PLAYSTATION CODE : This a Playstation Game Code to download Strategic Mind The Pacific PS4. Activate the code on the Playstation Network. Read carefully the store description about any language and region restrictions.
Standard Edition

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