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Release date
29 July 2021
Official website
South East Games
South East Games

About this game

Paint the Town Red is a voxel-based 3d fighting game developed by South East games, it features three main game modes scenario levels, beneath, and arena mode. Scenario levels are massive battle royals taking place in themed locations like biker bars, the Prison complex, the discotheque, etc. To survive and be the last man standing you will need to use your wits and everything you can pick up to secure an advantage. Beneath is a Roguelike mode in which you fight your way through procedurally generated levels and many new enemy types and bosses. Arena mode is just like scenario levels but in a gladiatorial arena and additional challenges.

  • With its voxel-style graphics, the game can track damage from each individual character’s different limbs, chop off an arm or a leg, literally paint the town red.
  • Every game mode can be played alone or with a friend in online co-op mode.
  • There are multitudes of weapons you can pick up depending on what’s the theme of the level from chairs, shotguns, stools, nunchaku, and much more period-accurate weaponry or otherwise.
  • In the PC version of the game, you can design new levels in the level editor with the ability to fully customize the music and character textures. It also has full mod support with its steam workshop integration, download hundreds of player-made mods.


Paint the Town Red has some seriously satisfying gory gameplay, but not all of its modes are created equal. Having a big scrap in each of its themed stages is an absolute blast, but the roguelite mode is unfortunately a bit of a letdown. If you really feel like hacking away into faces though, it’s hard to deny sick pleasure that this voxel brawler brings.


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