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Release date
26 March 2019
Official website
Systemic Reaction
Systemic Reaction Ab

About this game

In 1989 residents of Östertörn Sweden wakes up to a horrible sight, war robots seemingly from out of nowhere rampaging the countryside. You and your friends were returning from vacation when suddenly the ship you were riding on got blown up by an attack from the shore, you and your friends manage to get to shore safely nearby houses and villages are empty blood everywhere this is Generation zero, an open-world sandbox survival FPS, stoke the fires of rebellion fight back the invading machines and ultimately find out what their purpose is.

  • Stay alive and fight another day, fighting the machines is no easy task employ guerrilla tactics and chip away at them, the damage they receive won’t regenerate no matter how long you leave them for.
  • The machines aren’t just mindless killers they work together and act how an actual invading army would act, each of them hosts an AI that has a complex behavior pattern “ticks” for example the weakest of them are fast and often attacks in numbers, “seekers” act like scouts and signals other machines in the area, and many more deadly machine types.
  • You can play single player or with 3 other people in a co-op mode.
  • Find other survivors, once you have enough people you can start building a resistance movement, build a permanent outpost to house your rebellion but be careful once you do it’s only a matter of time before the machines storm your base.


The nostalgia is strong in Generation Zero, both in and outside, and Avalanche Studios has more or less successfully bet on it. It worked for me even though I know it won’t necessarily work for everyone. Still, if you’re looking for something that does considerably less than most of those shiny games out there but at the same time has more integrity while doing so, Generation Zero might just be up your alley, although it’s a true niche title if there ever was one. To sum the game up, it’s like an 80’s Volvo; boxy but good.



I’d recommend Generation Zero to those who have a steady group of friends to play with. If not, stay away until the game goes on sale or a major patch releases that makes the single player option more manageable. I like you, Generation Zero. I just wanted better.


Generation Zero Resistance Bundle

  • Alpine unrest – continue the story and explore the island of Himfjäll, find more survivors, and get to the bottom of the mystery behind the robots.
  • FNIX Rising – The machines have been busy on the southern coast and the farmland regions they have to build massive structures and walls and repurposing the landscape, find out what FNIX is up to now.

Generation Zero Alpine Unrest

Months of searching and fact-finding you have finally found the mastermind behind the invasion the answers lie on the island of Himfjäll. Once a popular ski resort island now its buildings lie deserted and machines patrol the island but not all hope is lost against all odds there seem to be survivors on the island.

  • New enemy class: Apocalypse machine types are deadlier than their mainland counterpart carrying weapons banned by the Geneva convention.
  • With deadlier enemies, you need deadlier weapons such as the KVM 59 Machine Gun and The KVM 89 Squad Automatic.

Generation Zero FNIX Rising

The previously explored southern coast and farmlands of Östertörn have changed FNIX has terraformed the landscape with Harvesters in place of towns and forests new walls and buildings, generators, and cables whatever they are up to it cant be good.

  • More survivors come out of the woodwork, contact them and fight alongside them against FNIX.
  • A new model of harvesters has appeared the apocalypse harvester guarded by other apocalypse variants from the island of Himfjäll.

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