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What could be more enjoyable for a fan of Batman than to play the new game. The previous games received very good critics overall. And now Batman Arkham Origins is finally released, and although the single player mode is not really different, the multiplayer mode is pretty new and seems very enjoyable. The multiplayer on the map Blackgate Penitentiary is a real pleasure. Some weaknesses in terms of maneuverability inherited from the previous games of the serie and the cover system is lacking polishment. But it’s still very fun and I did not see the time pass. There’s a 3 vs 3 vs 2 team mode, Team Joker vs Team Bane vs Batman and Robin. You begin the game with 25 life for each side, dying means one less life, last two sides gets to battle in a final round. Team Bane and Team Joker has many cool weapons… gift bomb, mine, flying remote control explosive, thermal glasses… Batman and Robin have the gadgets you’ve already discovered in the previous installment, thermal glasses, grab, smoked screen… you should use your environment for you to hide, appear and disappear. (Anyway, I will not teach you how Batman works, we all know;)) Note that unlike the classic multiplayer from the previous games, Batman Arkham Origins offers the opportunity to attack from anywhere to surprise your opponents. Although the single player story seems interesting, the Multiplayer mode got more interested. Let’s take some good time. 🙂

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