Best New Games to Release this Week: January 23 – January 29

23 January 2023 at 12:37 in Gaming News with no comments

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Major Game Releases of the Week


This week, releasing on Xbox Series X|S is World War Z: Aftermath, a co-op zombie shooter in infested locations across the globe.

Forspoken follows Frey, a New Yorker suddenly transported to a magical world full of monsters and visually stunning environments, where she will learn her fate and save the people of Athia.

Also out this week is Dead Space, a remake of the sci-fi survival horror that follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the USG Ishimura who is forced into a brutal fight for survival after the ship’s crew is transformed into monstrous creatures.

  Best New Games Releasing This Week  

Tuesday, January 24


World War Z: Aftermath






Risen 1


Thursday, January 26




Shoulders of Giants


Hitman World of Assassination (Hitman 3)


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Rise of Rasalhague

  Friday, January 27  

Dead Space