April 2017 Game Releases: Games to Play This Month!

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Can you believe that another month has come and gone? We certainly are really surprised at how time flies, but with it also comes a feeling of excitement as we feature these April 2017 game releases!

This month, let’s look forward to awesome games coming from the adventure, action, horror, and strategy genres, among others.

April 2017 Game Releases

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Release Date: 7 April 2017

Bulletstorm’s Full Clip Edition comes with all content previously released on the game’s 2011 edition. This includes the Gun Sonata and Blood Symphony add-ons, and the Overkill Campaign Mode. The Full Clip Edition now also has full 4K support, and revamped visuals and sounds. Pre-ordering the game will also give you access to the game’s Duke Nukem DLC.

Yooka Laylee

Release Date: 11 April 2017
Yooka Laylee
Yooka-Laylee PS4
Yooka-Laylee Xbox One

Yooka Laylee is the newest platformer that will hit the world of video games this April. The game boasts of huge, beautiful worlds, unforgettable characters, and an epic adventure ahead. The game’s characters, Yooka and Laylee, are not only adorable in their own ways, they also have their own awesome abilities to take on their enemy, Capital B. A huge array of puzzles and challenges are waiting for this duo as they search for “Pagies” which are used to unlock more new worlds that are packed with characters, bosses, more challenges, multiplayer games, quizzes, and so much more!

The Sexy Brutale PS4

Release Date: 11 April 2017

Be immersed in The Sexy Brutale’s story, “a looping-time murder mystery adventure.” You play as the elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, and you are one of the guests in the Marquis Mansion. A terrible series of murders orchestrated by the mansion’s staff happened, and each time the clock strikes midnight, the same day starts all over again. Escape the staff, hide from them, and watch their every move in order to not only save yourself, but also those who were killed.

Impact Winter

Release Date: 12 April 2017

Do you think you can survive 30 days in freezing cold weather? Impact Winter puts you into the shoes of Jacob Solomon, who’s in charge of a group of people who survived an asteroid impact. A mysterious radio signal has delivered a message that help will come your way in 30 days. Now it’s up to you to keep yourself and the people around you alive. Your experience in Impact Winter will be a unique one, as it features a dynamic event system which gives you a randomized open world. The situations that happen in the game will be shaped by the decisions and choices you make.

Syberia 3

Release Date: 25 April 2017

From the author and creator of the Syberia video games series, Benoît Sokal, comes the third installment that gives player a whole new level of adventure. Players take on the role of Kate Walker as she finds a way to continue her journey while escaping from her enemies. The game features a completely new tale, totally different from the past two Syberia games, an immersive storyline, and original real-time mysteries and puzzles.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Release Date: 25 April 2017

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 puts you in the shoes of an American sniper who was “dropped behind enemy lines” in the country of Georgia. The game features large open world maps, complete with dynamic weather, as well as a day and night cycle which will affect your decisions and how you play. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 also includes a story of brotherhood, faith, and betrayal, set in a land “soaked in the blood of civil war.”

Outlast 2

Release Date: 25 April 2017

The sequel to the highly acclaimed horror and survival game, Outlast, is back to give players the creeps. Outlast 2 is set in the same universe as the first game, but brings a new journey, so twisted it will surely send tingles down your spine. Will you last?

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PS4

Release Date: 25 April 2017
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PS4

A new adventure awaits you in Dragon Quest Heroes 2! This hack and slash, action role-playing game features a new world with new stories and adventures that can be played by 4 players in online multiplayer. Choose from numerous playable characters that each have their own unique abilities, and battle hordes of enemies. You can also change your vocation and play in any fighting style you want, complete with various weapons and magic!

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3

Release Date: 27 April 2017

The strategy game Dawn of War 3 from the Warhammer 40,000 franchise is set to bring players to a world where three different factions (Orc, Space Marine, and Eldar) have waged war with each other. Control your elite squads, cause devastation with their destructive abilities, and customize your army in order to emerge as the victor! Play in online co-op mode, or join the multiplayer community and forge alliances as you take on foes in explosive, competitive, and chaotic maps.

Constructor HD

Release Date: 28 April 2017

The next-gen version of the original Constructor video game released 20 years ago is making a comeback this April 2017, and it’s still packed with great content, you’ll surely want to get your hands on it! Constructor HD features re-imagined graphics which were created by the original crew behind the first game. It also has an all-new game view point that features larger zoom capabilities, as well as an enhanced interface. Its gameplay has also been re-balanced  which enhances your gaming experience. With new maps and new game modes, Constructor HD is surely one game that will entertain your for hours!

Little Nightmares

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Do you have fears in your childhood? Little Nightmares puts you in the shoes of Six, a little girl who’s trapped in The Maw. Your main objective is to escape The Janitor, as well as those corrupted souls who inhabit The Maw. Equipped with just a lighter, find your way out and discover creepy and horrifying scenes you’ll encounter along the way. This is truly one game you wouldn’t want to play with the lights off.