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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the Game’s Only Expansion

Iceborne is Monster Hunter World’s first and last expansion, according to Capcom. The developers said the expansion itself completes the game’s story and world, that’s why it is going to be its only expansion. The studio has also added that they are planning to support Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with regular updates, the same way they have supported the base game. Iceborne launches September 6th on consoles, while the PC version will be due sometime in winter.

Shovel Knight Surpasses 2.5 Million Sales

Developer Yacht Club Games has announced in a blog post that Shovel Knight has successfully surpassed 2.5 million in sales in the past five years. This milestone coincides with the celebration of the game’s 5th anniversary. The developer also revealed in its blog post that there are three Shovel Knight games in the Shovel Knight saga, so there’s two more on the way.

Overcooked is Free on the Epic Games Store

The critically-acclaimed co-op cooking simulator Overcooked is now the latest free game on the Epic Games Store. This game from Ghost Town Games is free to download and keep forever from now until July 11th. To get the game, all you need to do is create a free Epic Games account if you don’t have one yet, and then add the game to your library. The game will have you and three other friends control chefs and work together in a kitchen as you each cook a recipe assigned to you.

Fortnite Gets a Stranger Things Crossover

Fortnite currently has a Stranger Things crossover, in celebration of the premiere of the series’ new season. The crossover did not add a limited-time event, instead, it adds a couple of new skins to the game: the Chief Hopper or the Demogorgon skins. These skins cost 1,500 and 1,200 V-Bucks respectively. Additionally, the crossover adds a Vines wrap. These items are available in the game’s mall.

Metal Wolf Chaos to Re-release Soon

From Software’s Metal Wolf Chaos is re-launching next month! The mech game is set to launch on August 6th for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Those who pre-order the game will receive a platform-exclusive mech skin. The re-released version will come with updated visuals, plus a revised save system. It also comes with 4K resolution with 16:9 support. This re-release is the first time players worldwide can play the game outside Japan’s shores as the game was previously exclusively available in Japan only.

Teamfight Tactics Ranked Mode Now on League of Legends PBE

A new patch is available in League of Legends’ PBE. Patch 9.14 brings a new ranked mode, and those who want to test it can do so at the PBE. The new Teamfight Tactics ranked mode will require players to complete five matches in order to earn a rank. Players will then be moving either up or down the ladder depending on their success. Players who finish in the top-half will also be earning LP. They will lose LP when they get knocked out. The new patch is set to hit live servers later this month.

Battlerite’s Third Season is Its Last One

Battlerite’s Battle Season 3 might be its last. Developer Sunlight revealed in a blog post that they will be scaling down development for the game and “things will be changing moving forward.” With the state of the current playerbase we’re no longer in a position where working on Battlerite and Battlerite royale are sustainable as main projects for the studio,” the post reads. The game’s player base has seen a downward trend since last year.

Hitman 2’s Agent 47 Will Finally Be Sent to Prison This Month

This month brings a new sniper challenge in Hitman 2, and it’s bound to bring Agent 47 in prison. Titled, “The Prison,” this sniper challenge arrives July 39th and will have 47 travel to Siberia. He will be undertaking a contract in a penitentiary that houses some of the vilest criminals in the world. There are little details about this new challenge at this time, but we can expect to get more information as its launch date nears.

World War Z’s Six Skulls Update Brings New Difficulty Setting

World War Z’s latest update, Six Skulls, is now available on all platforms. The Six Skulls update brings the new “Extreme” difficulty setting to the game. This new difficulty setting will require players to work together, and make sure they manage ammo and resources well. Extreme difficulty boasts that it will put squads’ abilities and efficiency to the test, and doing so successfully will reward players generously.

Remnant: From the Ashes Showcases the Labyrinth in Trailer

A new trailer for Remnant: From the Ashes showcases one of the game’s worlds: the mysterious Labyrinth. The location composes of floating islands that are connected by suspended pathways. What other mysteries this world has to offer is for players to find out themselves when the game officially launches on August 20th. Other world previously featured include Ruined Earth, the jungle Yaesha, and the wastelands of Rhom.

Sea of Thieves’ Black Powder Stashes Event Starts July 17th

After its first-year anniversary update, Sea of Thieves is set to release its new adventure. The new adventure event, called Black Powder Stashes, is currently undergoing tests on the game’s Insider Build, and is expected to launch on July 17th. The game’s executive producer, Joe Neate, revealed that Black Powder Stashes will be similar to the Reaper’s Run mercenary adventures which gives players new set of voyages as well as related commendations.

Hunt: Showdown will be Leaving Early Access in August

Crytek’s competitive monster-slaying FPS, Hunt: Showdown is ready to step out of Early Access and launch as a full game on August 27th. To celebrate a launch trailer has been shared and it features a new lady hunter that will be available when the game launches its 1.0 version. Hunt: Showdown is a Player versus Player versus Enemy shooter that has five teams of two players. The enemies in the game are the undead with the big boss as a demon. You get to win the game when you kill the demon and escape the map.

Outer Worlds will not be Politically Charged

In a recent interview with VGC, the creative director of Obsidian, Leonard Boyarsky said that their upcoming game called The Outer Worlds will not be a politically charged game. Although some politics will be seen in the game since it is a deep-space colonist type of game with its mega-corporations and capitalism. But Boyarsky explained that they are not forcing anything to the players but rather, he wants them to come up with their own conclusions. The Outer Worlds is set to launch on October 25.

No New Civs For Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

During a discussion with PCGamesN, the Creative Director of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, Adam Isgreen confirmed that no more new civilizations will be added to the game but more new content will be added. Isgreen explains that they were able to reach the saturation point when it comes to adding civs, but that doesn’t mean that support will stop for it as new content, campaigns, game modes will be made for the game. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition will launch by Fall of 2019.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Revealed

Fire Emblem Three Houses will be receiving four waves of DLCs as announced by Nintendo. The DLCs will be released sporadically starting on the game’s launch which is on July up until April of next year. You can get the whole DLC bundle with the Expansion Pass or purchase them separately. There will be additional quests, side stories, Free Battlemaps as well as some support items. For those who would opt for the Expansion Pass, they will get to receive alternate costumes for the protagonists at launch.

Jumpthrow Bind in CS:GO is Now Legal in Tournaments

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the keybind for jumpthrows is now made legal for tournaments. Keybinds usually make complex actions easier in the game and was previously banned in tournaments. With jumpthrows, players can quickly jump and throw smokes with just a single button. Making this keybind legal was decided upon StarLadder in cooperation with the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association and Valve. The new rules are now in effect for all of the Minor and Major tournaments.

Win and Lose Streaks Nerfed With New Dota Underlords Patch

Dota Underlords is getting another big patch which comes with new features, balance changes as well as some minor tweaks. The most notable thing in the patch is that it has a broad rework for the wins and losses streaks. Before when your losing streak reaches seven, it will grant you three golds per turn, this time the bonus is capped at two gold per turn once you reached five gold per turn. This change is similar to the win streak. You will get three gold on the seventh win, and fourth on the eighth and so on.

New Rainbow Six Siege LTM Event Has Back to the Future DeLorean Car

The Wild West-themed LTM of Rainbow Six Siege called Showdown is here and a lot of Easter eggs had been discovered by players. One of which had been shared by YouTuber Prodigio Pete in a video which features the DeLorean vehicle in the movie Back to the Future. To find this, he says to go to the map’s mines where you will come across a wood-paneled wall with the initials “NJT” on it. You can shoot down the wall and you will get to see the DeLorean covered by an old tarp.

Elea to Launch on July 25 for PS4

The surreal sci-fi adventure game ELEA which first launched for PC and Xbox One is getting a PS4 launch. The game is set to release on July 25th and a significant amount of improvements comes with it. There are a lot of bug fixes, optimized gameplay flow, graphical improvements and so much more. Also, the movement speed and clarity of the game has increased, new assets have been added like upgraded lighting as well as interaction improvements. A PS4 Pro version is also available which can run on Dynamic 4K.

Utah Map for American Truck Simulator Revealed

SCS Software has announced the newest expansion map for American Truck Simulator which is the Utah Map Expansion. Players will get to experience driving through the red rocks as well as the snowcapped mountain ranges of the area. There will be a lot of notable landmarks to see which are the surviving remnants of the historic pioneer history of the state. There will also be a lot of large businesses and industries to deliver to in the bustling metropolis of the state.

Last Oasis Won’t be an Epic Exclusive

Donkey Crew the developer of the upcoming survival MMO Last Oasis shared a lot of information about the game in an AMA. One of the most exciting announcements is that the game will not be an Epic Gamestore exclusive. The developers explained that their multiplayer game needs a huge playerbase and limiting it to be an exclusive will actually hurt the game. They plan on selling the game via Steam as well as on other stores to be accessible as much as possible. Last Oasis will launch on September 3rd.

30 Pictures is a Free Photography Game for PC

A pure photo mode game called 30 Pictures is a free game that you can play on your PC. You will play as a new arrival in a peaceful island where there are no enemies just a few animals which you can take pictures of. There are sheep, a sleeping bear, even a cute little happy mole. The game’s visuals are 2D with blocky geometry which kind of feels like a photo mode in a game in the 90s. For right now the game is quite small but developer ahintoflime plans to make the game bigger by expanding the world.

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